Thursday, 15 December 2011

New Zealand

Last weekend, I went with my favourite Canadian on a trip to Auckland. We had a fantastic 4night stay, which was full of bad kiwi accents (ours) and vodka, with a splash of adventure.

Heading in to Auckland

Every time you hear about people going to New Zealand, you hear about all of the adventure stuff they do - it is almost like a given now, if you go to New Zealand you have to do some crazy- whacked out - poop in your pants kind of activity! McKayla (Canadian friend) suggested bass jumping, but I am waay too chicken and scared of heights to do this, but I do like pushing my fears. Another friend of mine suggested Canyoning and Canyoning is what I went with.

Squeezing through a cave

My first Abseil
Pooping my pants!

Canyoning involves jumping into fresh water pools, abseiling down rock faces and waterfalls and squeezing through rocks and caves. Our instructor from AWOL adventures was really great and gave me the pep talks when they were needed! :) It was such a thrill and I am soo glad I did it - I am one step closer to being an adventure woman and have one more awesome thing to say I have achieved in this lifetime.

Down a Waterfall

After all the adventure, a night of vodka and dancing was a must..

Followed by a breakfast of wine and Indian food... Mckayla and I are food twins and we never knew it - we both hate Olives & Coriander!

Breakfast at 2pm :)

I must say I was also pleasantly surprised to see some friends I thought I had left back in Canada - Wendy's and Dennys. It is probably a good thing that these aren't in Australia, because if they were I am sure I would be 20kgs heavier!!

Love NZ.. would go back again and buy a Chilly Bin (kiwi word for esky, which made me giggle every time I heard it) :)

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog!
    I loveeee crazy adventure activities, nothing like the adrenaline rush! That would be the first things I would plan if I go to NZ!