Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Building a home

BIG NEWS: A and I have decided we will start looking for a place in March after we get back from our trip to the Philippines.

I am a little nervous about the move and missing my mum, but mainly I am super excited- excited to see A every night and morning and excited to build our own little home together!!

I have posted previously about all the great engagement gifts we received, which have given us a HUGE head start, but this week we also used some of the money and vouchers we were given for our engagement to continue to build our home.

Our first purchase was this robotic vacuum cleaner (lazy-yes!)
We named him Robbie.

The second purchase was from Victoria's Basement - a set of 5 Circulon Pans. When we were looking at saucepans, the attendant could tell it was our first time because we both looked so bewildered as we stared at an aisle of saucepans. I hope we made the right choice.

What were the first things you bought when you moved out of home??


  1. Congratulations, that's awesome news!

    A lot of the time when people move they focus on all the big items and forget the small things. Problem is you then end up in your new home and realise even though you have snazzy new pots and pans you don't have the essentials like salt, flour or a wooden spoon when you go to make dinner!

    I would buy a couple of these things bit by bit so your pantry is stocked up once you move in! :)

  2. When we moved out of home together (before we were even engaged) the hubby's mum went nuts and bought us so much stuff which was all useful because we also had no idea. (I think she just loves the chance to shop and find great bargains)

    But as Cat said you always seem to miss the little things. I know we ended up buying things as we thought of them coz unless you had an amazing memory of every single thing your parents/other-people-with-well-established-homes have you really cant buy it all at once.

    The first grocery shop is also a little daunting - all the cleaning products and basic cooking products.

  3. Thanks for the great advice girls!! I always think about the little things when I am in the family home but I don't think about putting them on the "to buy" list, but now I will, maybe I will even dedicate a day to buying "the small things" xx

  4. Yay you're moving in together! It's such a whole different relationship when you start living together & you'll learn small annoying habits about each other but it also brings you closer together & like you said the best part is waking up next to them each morning & snuggling beside them each night!

    When D & I moved into together we both had own things so we chose the better one out of the two items by the time we had sorted through all our things we had enough to fill the house but the first thing we brought together was a vacuum cleaner lol! Nothing that exciting but it was pretty funny!

  5. Hi Doll, Ohh thats soo exciting for you both! The time will fly and before you know it you will be living together!

    When we moved out, E had alot of his own stuff from already living out of home but all i can suggest, like the girls above, is all the "big" things like a washing machine, a fridge etc

    All the little things will come about eventually! Such exciting times for you both! Amanda xx

  6. Definitely write a list! It might sound anal but I wrote a list of things I needed for each room of the house, particularly when I went to use something at mums house and had a oh yes I need one of those too moments!
    I did the shopping a little bit at a time, when I saw things on sale, and my bedroom turned into a glory room rather than a glory box haha!
    It was fun, we moved in in June and that was definitely the best time to buy with all the stocktake sales on, I'd also recommend xx

  7. Thanks for the tips ladies. I am an anal list maker already J and I have began my list, but that is such a smart idea to keep a pad on me and write things down when i'm using them!

    Brunette- we have our first buys in common.. how funny that we both went for the vacuum cleaner.

    Anon- thanks for the tips, it is good to know that I will eventually have a home filled with everything :)