Friday, 4 November 2011

Wine, Girls, Food

Last Friday night I met up with some of my girls for a classic night of food, wine and an excursion around the city.

Dinner was to be at Chinta Ria, but when we got there at 5:30pm it wasn't open yet, so we made our way downstairs to Pontoon for a few glasses of wine and an entrée of hot chips! I'm never disappointed with Pontoon, not because it is the swankiest place of all or because the food is amazing, but because it just is what it is- it is a non crowded, open air bar on Darling Harbour with cheap food and wine. In my books, that is a perfect place to kick off drinks in the sunshine on a Friday night. :)

After a bottle of wine, we headed upstairs to the Malaysian Chinta Ria. I love the way this place looks, it has a very funky, yet warming vibe and the menu is very reasonably priced for a Darling Harbour restaurant. I think all of the mains were between $20-35?? The food was yummy, nothing too amazing that I will recommend it to everyone and rave on about it forever, but better than average for sure. Sorry I forgot to take photos of the food…

But here is one of us enjoying the wine! :)

and one of the giant Buddha which greets you as you walk in.

After dinner, we made our way across the bridge to the new casino – The Star. We headed here with only one intention- to eat at Adriano Zumbo's (aka bald guy who makes amazing desserts on MasterChef) bakery.

The new casino looks pretty funky with its mirrored walls and black seating, but will it date? I guess only time will tell! We made our way through this new food tunnel until we found the bakery and then like little schoolgirls with wide eyes, we chose a dessert to share each. I'm sorry I can't remember exactly what they were called anymore, except that the one that looks like a snowman, was called snowman and it was by far our favourite! We also got given 3 free macaroons, which were deeeeliiissshhhhhh, especially the lychee flavoured one. The cakes themselves I thought were very reasonably priced (Considering Zumbo's fame of late) at only $8 or $9 and $2.50each macaroon. I would definitely recommend a trip to the bakery….

After our bellies were full, we finished the night off with a final beverage at The Slip Inn aka where Princess Mary met Prince Fredrick.

A good girlie night out overall and such an adventure :)

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