Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Date Night

Every week, on one particular night (it use to be Tuesdays religiously but is now whenever) A and I have a date night. We don't necessarily go anywhere, but because we don't live together, we just make sure we keep one night to just be for us to be us, alone and no one else.

Last Thursday our date night was at Piano Room in Kings Cross and it was beautiful!

Before going we picked up my ring from its first clean and now it is back to being its shiny best!!!

This was our entrée, arancini balls and calamari (A's favourite)- I forgot to take photos of the rest but let me assure you it was beautiful and the whole look of Piano Room is just beautiful and somewhat regal.

This is an old dress I bought from H&M when I lived in Canada

Sorry about the photo, I accidently cropped it.

This Thursday A has decided to do a surprise date night….. I can't WAIT to find out where we are going, I have just been told to wear a dress, sooo we will seee...

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