Monday, 24 October 2011

Tea Sir???

Our venue hunt continues and yes, if you haven't realised yet, it is going to be a loooonngggg hunt! I am the kind of over-planning, particular, almost perfectionist type of girl who will not make a decision on the venue until I have seen almost every venue I have contemplated. The absolute last thing I want to do is doubt my choice and so by viewing each place and weighing up its pros and cons, as well as deciding whether it is right for us, when we make a decision there will be no chance of doubt AT ALL! :) Well that is the plan anyways! Hehehe

Friday's venue inspection was at the Tea Rooms in the Queen Victoria Building. I had never been to the Tea Rooms before but I had heard how beautiful they were and so I knew I had to check them out!!

A and I went in our lunch break and despite its immediate beauty, I was not to happy on first impressions, as we waited over 20minutes for someone to come and speak with us. Despite having an appointment, we were told by the lady at the desk "I'll see if she is in"- YEEEKKKS!!!

Once someone did come and see us though, she was lovely, very helpful and not pushy at all (just the way I like it!!). The room was stunning, well taken care of and you got the feeling that when they say "we have excellent service" they are not lying.

Is it the right place for us?? Wellll I'm still not sure about that. The room was a straight rectangle and despite having capacity for 200, it was hard to imagine, as it was not set up for a wedding on the day. I also wasn't a fan of having the DJ/Band space right next to the entrance, which is also the opposite end to the bridal party…

Maybe I am too picky and maybe I will have to settle, but If I do it will be AFTER I have seen all the venues on my list, because only then will I know if my expectations are too high and I am being a bridezilla :P

The bright side though is that I have decided I think I will take some of our wedding photos within the QVB.. soo beautiful! Like this one below...

This week we are seeing another two venues… Crystal Palace at Luna Park and Deckhouse in Woolwhich. I am very excited about these two and I have promised A that after a venue is picked he can go on a Wedding vacation for a while, whilst I do all the girly-no-need-for-a-grooms-opinion related stuff ;)

 P.S. Whilst this room might not be right for us, it is definitely one I would recommend to others!

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