Friday, 14 October 2011

Indian in my BELLLY!

I have been to quite a few restaurants this week- 3 to be precise, but being the virgin blogger that I am, I keep forgetting to take pictures of my food and blog about these yummy places!

Luckily, I remembered to take one picture of my entree at one of the two Indian (yes TWO Indian in one week= fatty lol) restaurants I went to.

Tuesday night is always our date night and this Tuesday we went to Taza Tandoori and it did not dissapoint! Harris Park has a lot of Indian restaurants and so I always assumed the food would have to be good- well in this case assume did not make an ass out of anyone, because the food was deeee-licious!

So here is the only picture I took of our yummy entree and from now on I vowe to try and remember my blog before stuffing my face :P

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