Thursday, 15 September 2011

Angie's pre-trial Hens

My friend Agnieszka- Angie is a mutual friend of mine and A's. He actually knew her before me, but because we all worked together and liked to frequent any place selling alcohol after work, we soon all became good friends. Well Angie got engaged last year to her British Boy, while I was living overseas in Canada… I was devastated I couldn't celebrate then with her, but I was looking forward to the wedding.

WELL GUESS WHAT??? Her wedding is on the same day as my other friend's wedding, Sandy (who I am MOH for). What are the freaking chances of that huh? It is not like I have a million friends, or even that I could skip in between the two. So obviously I was sad about this, but told her I would make her hens a night to remember by getting messy with her… BUT GUESS WHAT???hahah Her cousins planned her hen's night the same night I planned Sandy's hens night!! Anything would think the world is trying to keep us apart…… :(

So what did I do? I gathered Angie and Beti (another sexy lass who worked with us) and a couple of Angie's cousins and we hit the city for a pre-trial Hen's night. Of course I still made her wear some ridiculous accessories and plied her with tequila shots. The end result can be seen in these photos, which I personally find quite entertaining…… hehehe.

Me and the bride to be

The red eyes make me look like a devil child!!

Beti, Me and Angie- one of my favs from the night.

Beti, Me, Angie <3



I didn't have my camera on the night, so these are all from Beti's camera.

"Pear Juice makes the Tequila go down better" Beti

Noo idea what I am doing here..

I decided every bride needs a good lap dance? hahaha

c'MONNNN... One more shot!


This Bride is going to infinity and BEYONNNNDDD

Dress is from ASOS- I love the back!!!

Angie I hope you have a fabulous second hens party this weekend my love xxxx


  1. You have awesome hair !!!! Great shots lots of fun !

  2. HAHHAHA, I'm still laughing Tazza, Great night out! Soo much fun, love the blog!!

    PS had my wedding fitting yesterday, I'm SOOOO upset you cant come now, I lOVE my dress! I will send a pic next time!

    Love you my dear, xxx

  3. Thanks Ms S- I often hate it lol.