Sunday, 18 September 2011

Fatma's wedding

Last Saturday night, I had my high school friend's wedding. She (unlike myself) was never wedding crazy and for a very long time vowed to us that she would not have a typical big wedding, that she could think of nothing worse. Luckily, her and her now husband's family persuaded (or pushed hehe) her to have a wedding and it was beautiful!!! Very low-key like she wanted, but enough to mark the very special occasion with her nearest and dearest.

Here she is a beautiful bride…(and her husband lol)

Can you believe she made this headpiece herself??? Might be good to invest in her for my own wedding.

Her Dress was a vintage dress all the way from the USA

A & I

High School friends and the bride..

I love these old school cars, I think I might have something similar.

My dress was a "mullet" dress (my nickname for them) from Mink of all places, I love it and a few others did too.

Beautiful wedding and a great night. Congratulations Fatma xxx