Friday, 9 September 2011

To Mumma…

This is just a quick post for my mumma and all the other mums out there that keep us daughters sane during the event planning process!!!

I am currently planning my friend's hens party for next weekend and my engagement party the weekend after. Both involve crafty elements and of course decorating, organising and planning. I often tell my mum that I am the thinker and she is the doer, meaning I think of all these wonderful ideas for centrepieces or accessories, but I am too clumsy/not artistic or crafty to be able to bring them to life. My mum on the other hand is Mrs Craft, she can do it all and actually enjoys it!!!

Sooo this blog is to thank my mum for all her help these past months and especially this week as I have started to stress more. Thank you for telling me countless times that my engagement party will look pretty and that it will be a wonderful night. Thank you for laughing at my lack of craftiness and thank you for nodding and smiling, every time I say "no I don't like it that way it is too…*tacky,big,unual,wrong* or doesn't go".

I love you mumma and could not do any of this without you and your constant support!!!!

Me and My mum at my graduation earlier this year.