Monday, 17 September 2012

30% off all week!!!

I am still so excited about the launch of Dat Girl that I have decided to extend the 30% off offer until midnight Sunday with code FUN779 (be sure to use capitals)
Here are a few of the things you could pick up at
100% genuine leather skirt
Normally $155
30% off $108.50
Neon Jacket
Normally $45
30% off $31.50
Bandage Dress
Normally $55
30% off $38.50
Floral Dress
Normally $70
30% off $49
Fate Lace Print Dress
Normally $85
30% off $59.50
Amorette Kissing in the Blue dress
Normally $150
30% off $105


  1. Heya Chicken! Re: your comment send me an email :) and I can let you know what I'm looking for! xx

  2. This is DANGEROUS! I love love ADORE that floral dress. But I see at $49 it's just below the $50 amount for free shipping. So I need to buy MORE! But I can't really afford to. WHY DO THIS TO ME?! Hahahaha.

    It looks absolutely fabulous hun. I am so so excited for you. And extremely proud. Your hard work is all paying off, and the results are just amazing! xx

    1. hahaha sorry about that Cat, I have had a few girls tell me that is there favourite, even the model wearing it in that picture haha. Thank you honey, it is a bit early to tell but fingers crossed x