Thursday, 2 August 2012

Down South

I had the most amazing weekend with A down south.

Before he moved to Melbourne we had been seeing each other every day, living with our friends and probably without even noticing it.. slightly taking each other for granted..
Well 2 weeks apart is a quick-slap-in-the-face way to fix that!!
From the moment I saw A at the station I really couldn't stop smiling and felt a whole new lease of energy, as A pointed out all the important things, and things he has discovered.

 2 of those things - Melbourne city doesn't have many McDonalds and you have an overload of pie face!!! Do melbournians really go there? I love pies but find pie face too overpriced and not that fantastic.

Anyways so Thursday night I saw his apartment and went to crown for my late night dinner - a dip plate MmmmMM! I could easily eat this most nights. soo much dip yummmmmm

A also gave me a present to congratulate me on Dat Girl-  A Mimco clutch.

I love it and this photo doesn't do it justice!

I'll probably take it out this weekend and try and get a better photo.

On Friday A was at work, so like a good little girl I worked out in his gym :)

The view made it that much easier.

Then I grabbed a massive chai and hit DFO - what a perfect day!!!!

This what I wore shopping.

Portman's Knit
Bettina Liano Jeans
Boots and Scarf - who knows?

This is my haul... I bought a new guess wallet, some bras from La Sensa ,a dress n top from Witchery, basic tops from Cotton on and a sparkly black clutch.

Like my new wallet? I wanted somethign bright!

After dropping off my goodies, I picked A up from work and we headed to
Allumbra for "catch up" drinks.

With all the seasons in one day Melbourne showed me, it's not surprising this beautiful rainbow popped up.


This is catch up drinks when you're both boozers lol.

Not much more to report on the rest of the night except some awesome kebabs, a TV show where you had to guess who's gay or straight and passing out with the light and TV on.

Don't you find it freaky when you can't remember going to sleep like that? I do and I always wake up in a daze... Trying to piece together the final moments of the night! I always say something stupid too like, "but I don't remember falling asleep...".

Sat started off with a trip to the Queen VIctoria markets, I begged to go to
South Melbourne because Holly suggested it, but A insisted it was the same and wanted to show me'the ones he found :)

Still awesome.

This lady was making Gozleme near the markets and ohh my it was so yummy and cheap.
After some shopping, we hit China Bar HOOORAHhh!!

We got there at 1:30pm and the lunch shift finishes at 3, I looked at A and asked "are you sure that's enough time?". He just laughed at me.

These desserts were soo yummy, but I started to feel full early on.

I was cursing the gozleme and everything else I ate in the days leading up to China Bar.

The Pork Belly was delicious, but I didn't save enough room for Cheese..

next time Cheese will be first!

There will be a next time. haha.

Didn't get much of this bar either.

yum yum dumplings in my tum.

my dessert plate.

The strawberry mousse was amazing and I went back for seconds, before an icecream dipped in chocolate - mmmm

After A granted my China Bar wish, I granted his Game Masters wish..

I actually really enjoyed it! They had all kinds of games from old school Pacman to new 3D games.

I made A do singstar and dance connect.. if we were playing games, all sense of dignity was going out the window!

For Saturday nights dramas - see my last post lol.

Once we were smiling again on Sunday we decided to check out the immigration museum and I'm glad we did. I don't go to museums much but I really enjoyed this one... I enjoyed the displays and the message it was sending out.

We found some things humorous :)

After lunch we did some more shopping and I scored another top and 2 pairs of work shoes, boring but necessary.

We picked up these cupcakes from Joy after lunch, they look cute, but I have to say they were probably the most flavourless cupcakes I have ever purchased. My red velvet tasted like nothing more than a regular sponge.

Another stint at Crown and then it was time to look after my boy... Set up the washing, cook him a mass batch of pasta to freeze and then get as Many last minute cuddles in as I could!!!

I didn't want to leave Monday mining but A will be back in Sydney this weekend so it's not so bad ;) ;)


  1. That rainbow picture is almost the same as the view from my desk. Remember a big black and white and orange building? that's me :-)

    Love that you made it to the China Bar :-)

    1. was it the one with a Jetts gym next door?

  2. Ah, I was jealous of your pics on insta at China Bar!

    Glad (apart form the ring story) you had a good time with A :)


    1. HAHAHA I have been dying to go for forever!

  3. Pie face is terrible isnt it?! We tried it once for some reason and couldn't believe how bad it was!

    You make me want to play tourist my my own city more often! x

    1. Give me a bakery pie anyday!

      hahaha don't worry i'm sure I don't see most of the things in Sydney.

  4. I love all the things you got up to!

    Looks like you had a great time! And im still just soo happy everything with the ring ended well!!!!! =D


    1. haha me too, every single time I look at it!

  5. I am so glad that, apart from the drama with your ring, you had a good trip!

    Love the new wallet!

    Melbourne has been having lots of rainbows lately... true to form, four seasons in one day!

    Very jealous you went to China Bar. I live in Melbourne and have not yet had the chance to try!

    1. Ahhh you do always post pics of beautiful rainbows.. I thought of you when taking this actually lol.

  6. Sounds like you had a great weekend! So funny, my friend was telling me about Pie Face and is trying to get me to go with him, they just opened one in NYC.

  7. Looks like you had an awesome time, great effort with the shopping too!

  8. It looks like you had a great weekend minus the ring dramas, but at least you found it! Love the Guess wallet, the colours are awesome. All these blog posts about China Bar are making me want to head over to Melbourne just to go there!