Friday, 13 July 2012

A Beautiful Woman

Today is the birthday of the most beautiful woman I know. The woman who has given me strength, determination, a crazy sense of humour, a love for all things sentimental, a positive outlook on life and a great appreciation for the little things...


My mum, like many mums, has not had an easy life.. I cry (and am fighting back tears right now) thinking about what she has endured, because I think no one person should have to go through as much as she has in one lifetime, but I guess that's what makes her such a great role model!

my first graduation

I went to uni, because as a single parent, I watched my mum put herself through her HSC and 4 years of Uni just to give us a better life. I still remember reading her study cards on long road trips.

with the first grandbubby

I write sentimental cards or make sentimental presents, because every kind of occasion  in our life, without fail, my mum has made us feel amazing, like the most special person in the world and she did it all with her special touch. When times were tough, we didn't even notice... who would notice when you come home from school to a lounge room full of balloons?

When we came home from the cruise we got engaged on
mum had CONGRATULATIONS written in balloons and lots of girly presents for me

You will definitely see my mum's little touches around the wedding.

My mum has taught me to look on the positive side of life, no matter how bad things get... one of the things my mum has always said for as long as I remember is, "don't worry, we'll get through it... we always do!"

Mum Greek Dancing

My mum is also the reason I am who I am today and have the life I have, because she decided I "needed to move to Sydney" when I was 14. Mum had lived here when she was younger and she knew it would help me blossom, for lack of a better word. I remember one of our first days driving around Punchbowl, I turned to my mum and asked her "Where do Lebanese people come from?". I wasn't being racist, I didn't know.. I had no clue, it was an honest question. Today, I could not think of my life without the influences of different cultures (I like to take a bit from here and there) and I thank her for that! It has made me the rounded person I am and the person who CANNOT STAND racism, but that is a topic for another day.

mum's first trip overseas - Disneyland Tokyo OMG WE'RE IN DISNEYLAND!

I also have my mum's wicked sense of humour. Her sense of humour is also an amazing thing I love about my mum, she laughs so hard sometimes she snorts. A also loves my mums sense of humour and when A and my mum hang out they are unstoppable, my brother has even commented about the two of them being "trouble".

Mum with a Drag Queen at her 50th
One of my mum's favourite things to do and funniest things is to make up stories about people. People on TV, in the street, shopping mall... they are not regular stories, they are more like the kind about where he buys his socks, or why she looks so sad or why he has an attitude and they are always hilarioussss!!

Mum enjoying a "couple full of happiness" aka Saki

My mum is actually my best friend. I hate how I treated her during "those dreaded teenage years", but I love that our relationship is even stronger now. The trust and the bond we have is the stronger than strong, there is barely anything I won't talk to her about.

My mum has so much love for everyone and will do anything for you, she has even been known to go through a Red Rooster drive through for chicken for a very spoilt dog!

 I sincerely hope that if I ever ever become a mum, that I can form the same relationship with my children, that my mum has with us. I hope I could be a mum as good as her, just like her, but with a bigger bum! (my mum will understand that one)

We are off to the Footy to celebrate tonight - Bulldogs v Parra, should be fun! :)



  1. Aww happy birthday to your wonderful Mum! As someone who was also blessed with an amazing Mum, you had ME choking back the tears reading this too :) I'm sure that you've given her as much happiness in life (and probably even more) than she's given you.

    I bet she has a blast at your wedding too ;) Your Mum seems like a lot of fun, as well as a sweetheart.

  2. Aww what a gorgeous post!

    Happy Birthday to your wonderful mum! x

  3. Great post, happy birthday to your mum :-)

  4. Awwww lovely post, your mum is equally very lucky to have you by the sounds of it too.
    Happy birthday to your mum!

  5. Happy Birthday to your mama! You look great with brown hair too it brings out your eyes !

  6. This is such a lovely post - happy birthday to your mum! :)

  7. Aww soo beautiful! =`] Happy birthday to your sweet mum! I also look back and regret I was soo bad to my mamma during those dreaded teenage years! But Im glad thats over, and we are closer now than ever before (although we are in different states now =[ =[)

  8. Awww you are so sweet!

    Happy Birthday to your mum :)