Thursday, 12 July 2012

Another weekend goes by...

First of all, yes the giveaway post is missing, I was having trouble with the Project X App link, but as soon as I fix it I will re post it and you'll HAVE to enter to win a free Blu Ray DVD - 3minutes of your time = FREE DVD, not bad if you ask me?

Anyways... on to the weekend... I had an extra long weekend last weekend...

I had Thursday off to look after my mum (she wasn't well..maybe i'll explain one day) and then Friday we had off to drive up to The Entrance, well that was the plan...

Flowers from A for my mumma

Unfortunately, on Thursday night after Pole Dancing my car decided she didn't want to keep driving much more and was giving me trouble the whoollleee wayyy home. I made it to the front of our apartment complex and parked illegally, because I wasn't sure she'd make it to the car park. Friday morning I dropped her off at the mechanics and by Friday afternoon I was $1200 poorer =( FML!

Warning lights - never a good sign!

Just what I need before Dat Girl launches, and a wedding and stuff right? :P

Moving on... after we dropped the car off, we took A's car to go pick out our new lounge.

It looks like this one, but ours will be made in a black suede with red patterned cushions. Our lounge room is VERY VERY light, it has a huge amount of sunlight and the whitest of white walls, so I think the dark couch will work well.

Two beds next to each other- yeey!!

Around 3:30pm, we finally headed up to The Entrance. We went to The Entrance with a couple friend of ours, we assumed "up to 4 people" may have meant the room had bedrooms, nope it didn't, this is how it looked... lol. You should have seen A's face! ;)

Shank mmm love Shank.

Friday night was spent at the local diggers club, pub feed, with a few bottles of wine and some Vodkas on the rock.


We started Saturday off with a huuugee hot buffet breakfast, then headed to the markets, the local arcade (where A and I dominated basketball and Deal or No Deal lol) then off to the movies to see Spiderman for only $13!!! $13!!! I remember when movies use to be that cheap everywhere... I think I was 15.

Have you seen the new Spiderman yet?? I really enjoyed it, a lot more than the Toby Maguire ones I must say. This Spiderman is funny.. soo funny.. "oh no. how did you know that small knifes were my weakness?" hehe.

A bit of a side track, but I watched Ted last night too and I was in stitches throughout the movie. If you are a Family Guy fan, you have to see Ted. If you aren't a Family Guy fan, you still HAVE to see Ted!

Saturday night at the Entrance we hit up another local for some more wine and pizza, before our busy Sunday that I posted about earlier.


The vest returned - 2 weekends in a row.

I ate sooo bad the entire weekend.... chips, hot chips, pizza, popcorn. I am so surprised that I managed to not gain any weight at this week's weigh in. It's no surprise that I didn't lose any either.

Hot Chips are the one thing I really struggle to stay away from!!

What are your guilty pleasures?
You know the foods you miss most when you are "eating healthy".


  1. mash potato. living at home at the moment means lots of it and when it is on the plate... it must be eaten

    1. ohhhh yummm mash!! Do you like it with Tomato sauce? or is that just a weird thing I do?

  2. Oh you and A are such a gorgeous couple. I get some great energy from you two. :) xx

    PS when I move to Melbourne we soooo should have a bloggers meet! When you come visit your fiance!

    1. Thanks Soph and yesss we should.. I just can't promise how long I can stay out for, I think A might want to keep me all to himself!! :P

      When are you moving?

  3. Pizza! I love Pizza! ha ha

  4. Mmmm shanks...

    Looks like an awesome weekend!

    I totally want in on a Melbourne bloggers meet! :P xx

  5. I'm on the wedding regime from hell right now, so I'd be happy to eat EVERY single thing you indulged in on the weekend *laughs*. Hot chips are definitely one of my biggest downfalls too... with oodles of vinegar on top!

    I also miss big bowls of yummy pastas and risottos and curries with rice when I'm eating "clean". I can get by without chocolate and things like that quite easily, but I crave delicious carby meals.

    1. Omg lilian!!! I hear you sister!! I left my Easter eggs untouched for aggeaas but everytime im
      Cooking I wish I could be cooking a big bowl of pasta and when I'm at food
      Courts I stare at the Indian curries!!! LOL