Thursday, 17 May 2012

He's getting old!

First of all... I'm sorry. I have been posting a lot less this week. Work has been GO GO GO, then I had A's birthday, our party (to plan and recover from) and then yesterday I spent the whole day in bed, drugged up, thanks to our monthly visitor (too much information? probably, but hey it's the truth!)! So now I will try and catch you up.. Let's start with A's birthday...

Last Thursday was my main man's birthday. A turned 28. I told him that he keeps getting older, while I just stay young and beautiful :) I'm nice aren't I? I really don't think he cares about getting older. I think he believes he will be my very own George Clooney! Hehehe

I couldn't do much in the morning in the way of spoiling, as A likes to go to work early, but I tried my best!

I woke up before A, went and got all of his presents out of the spare room and placed them all around him in bed, as he slowly woke up I told him to "OPEN THEM! OPEN THEM!".

I got A a Playstation Vita (the new PSP), a tennis game, a whole bunch of lollies from the happy lab and this customised cartoon....

A is obsessed with Star Wars, so I thought a cartoon version of him as Yoda (with a beer) was perfect. He said he loved it and couldn't stop staring at it.

When A decided to jump in to the shower, I told him I had to get my dress from upstairs, ran up to the kitchen and started whipping up some pancakes. When he walked out of the shower BAM there I was in our room holding a plate full of pancakes with strawberry jam - his favourite :)

After work, I waited for A to come out of his building holding a bunch of tiger Lillis behind my back. I gave him the flowers, a birthday kiss and hug, then escorted him to dinner. He didn't know where we were going and I liked it like that.

 I took him to Selah in Circular Quay, a beautiful modern Australian restaurant. I knew A would love the menu.

Awkward - "i'm taking a photo now" shot

From the second we walked in, A remarked on how "fancy" and "romantic" the place looked. He also thought the service from our French waiter was impeccable.

We started our meal with the squid (a's all time favourite meal), which was sooo delicious and I have to say as the fiance of a squid lover, I have eaten a truckload of it, but this will go down in the record books as the yummiest!! It was so juicy and the herbs and spices rival that of Colonel's.

For main, A ordered the lamb back strap and I had the Duck. Both meals were delicious.

Sorry poor iPhone pics.

After dinner, A and I went for a bit of a romantic stroll around the city and then headed home.

At home our roomie had been baking an Apple Pie for A (another favourite). It was delicious and A loved the surprise.

All in all, I think we made A feel special. Goal accomplished.


  1. I love how you two completely spoil each other on your b'days, it's very sweet :-)

    Sounds like a lovely day! x

  2. Happy Birthday, Mr A! What a lucky man :)

  3. How thoughtful were your gifts. I love when people go the extra mile to make things amazing.

    Soph xx

  4. Sounds lovely. All of the food looks so good!

    Happy Birthday to A!

  5. The gifts sound awesome!

  6. It's great how all out you guys go for each other's birthdays. I love it. :)

  7. I LOOOVEEE birthdays, I am like a birthday maniac, so he has to be involved in it, whether he likes it or not! LOL