Friday, 13 April 2012

My Easter

My Easter long weekend was great, but like many times, I forgot to take photos of  a lot of it to share with you guys. (Doup!) I am trying to get better I swear :P

Thursday night, we went to my roomie's birthday at Bungalow 8 for a few too many drinks and a late night BBQ sausage. It was a fun night with our close friends, which started and ended nice and early (and intoxicated).

Good Friday was the day we had the first party at our new apartment- our House Warming.

I woke up early to do the final cleaning and food prep for the BBQ. We bought waaayy too much for the BBQ, I thought that at the time of buying it and cooking it and now when I look at all the left overs in our fridge, but I guess it is better to have too much then not enough right?

I made a baked potato bar with lots of yummy topping options like chives, pineapple, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream with sweet chili and corn. I thought the potatoes were delicious. Unfortunately, only myself and my bestie tried them, while everyone else chomped on the Nam Noung (i'm not sure if I have spelt that right, but basically it is the most delicious marinated pork kebab/sausage sort of thing).

Despite my potatoes going uneaten, it was a GREAT party! We spent the day in the sun, down by the pool, eating nibbles and hunting for Easter eggs. When the sun went down we moved everything and everyone upstairs for some jello shots and some moves on my pole. The pole got a MASSIVE workout by the way. We couldn't have asked for the party to go any better, but I did wish I had a maid the next morning when I saw the state our place was left in :(

Luckily, I didn't have to stay in our messy apartment, as I made an early morning getaway to my mum's house for another BBQ and a day of betting on the Golden Slipper. It was fun hanging out with my mum, brother and dog Bobby, but it would have been even more fun if my horses decided to win! :P

Sunday was our lazy day spent watching countless movies and being looked after by A and my roommate, as I nursed a sore belly.

On Monday, I was back in action and off to the Sydney Royal Easter Show. I like the show and I always have fun, but I don't love it anywhere near as much as A does!! He lights up like a little kid and went to the show armed  with a "show bag shortlist" and all. It did turn out to be a great day, but damn was I tired by the end of it. I passed out at like 9.30pm and I am still tired today!!

Plus side is, I remembered to take photos...

me and my little brothers

My boys

How cool is his Afro?? hahaha

A & roomie with the Goats

where else can you get a foot long Dagwood dog?
you have to do it!haha

A  & I

Bestie & I with our own goats


  1. I don't know why your comments on my blog keep going to spam! Are you still having that issue with your comments not showing up?

    Sounds like you had an awesome Easter! The photos of the footlong dagwood dog made me laugh. It looks kind of gross with the tomato sauce though haha! Your brother's hair is SO cool! xx

    1. yeah and I can't be bothered re-writing them, especially the heart felt ones!hahaha maybe I comment too much?

      I'm glad it made you laugh, it was it's intention..,.we got teased so much on FB for that photo, but it was all in good fun.

  2. yay looks like a fun easter, is A's family celebrating this weekend too?

    1. yeahhh.. they didn't do much last weekend, all the eating is this Sunday- HELP ME!! :p

  3. Sounds like a fun easter, I'm so envious of how photogenic you are! I always look like an idiot in photos for some reason

    1. awww thanks hun, I don't think i'm photogenic at all and the photos I have seen of you look beautiful and the opposite of what I think an idiot looks like xx