Monday, 18 July 2011

Losing my blogging virginity!!

Hey Hey!!

So this is my first ever blog, I am not a journalist or a writer, but after recently becoming engaged I thought instead of bombarding my future husband (who we will call A) with all my wedding ideas, purchases and general nonsense, I will share it with the World Wide Web. Plus, I think having this blog will give me something to look back on when these times of engagement bliss are just a fabulous memory. So here I am, losing my blogging virginity, popping my cherry and spilling my guts...

Going with the engagement theme, I think my first blog should be about the proposal.. it is a bit word heavy, but worth it I think...

The proposal happened on a P&O cruise around the South Pacific. On the first formal night we went on a date, afterwards we were walking around the cruise ship when A "punked" me by getting half way down to his knee and then giggled "just kidding". After this, I had proposal wayyyyy out of my head until 4 nights later when we had another date night (most nights were spent drinking with our new cruise friends). This time we went to dinner again, then shared some wine on the back deck of the boat.. literally just me, him, the ocean, our wine and the stars. As people came and went on the lower decks A seemed to get a bit nervous.

The scene of the proposal

After all the people left, A grabbed my hand, spun me around, got down on his knee, pulled the ring box from his inside suit pocket (very suave hehe) and did his little spiel before asking me to marry him, after which I balled like a baby!!

My beautiful ring.. that I love!

After we both calmed down a bit, I called my mum and then we went to tell some of our new cruise friends, who promptly ran around the boat telling everyone.. they even managed to get balloons and a congratulations banner put on our cabin door before we got back. For the next 3days, our engagement was announced at trivia, bingo and even the nightclub. I had people coming up to me all day asking to see my ring and the best part was that we got to relive all the excitement again when we returned to shore and told everyone else our news.

 Hey, this is me...newly engaged!

And so the journey begins.....


  1. Great proposal, and your ring is beautiful!!

    Congrats :) Can't wait to hear more of your plans!

  2. beatiful post!!
    congratulations honey

  3. Read your story on VF - what a gorgeous ring and wonderful proposal story! Really enjoying your blog by the way! xo

  4. Thanks all!! I think it is just the best feeling and the world and I am still constantly staring at my ring which I LOOVEEE!

  5. Love the ring! What a romantic man you have, and very cute enthusiastic boat goers! Lol