Monday, 23 April 2012

More Randomness

This past weekend was pretty quiet for me, so I thought this Monday called for another random post.

another bruise from Pole Dancing, but now I can go upside down with no hands, so it is all worth it!! :)

The horrible weather meant I had to break out my suit, stockings and umbrella this week.
Suit by Review.

My naked ring finger.
Around the band of my ring is 4 rows of smaller diamonds. Unfortunately, I noticed a little while ago that one of the diamonds had fallen out. The ring is still under warranty, so there isn't a problem in getting it replaced, but I do have to have a naked ring finger for a while :(

My $9, yes $9 shoes purchased from Payless on Thursday night! Quality isn't something I consider when they are hot and only $9!!!

Anniversary by Willow Tree. A bought me this on our 1year anniversary and now it sits on the corner of our bath tub. So sweet, I hope that is us when we're older.

Friday night, A and I had a date at Remember Saigon in Newtown. Afterwards, we met up with some friends to go to the movies to see American Pie The Reunion (hilarious!). I had the afternoon of work, so I went home, had a nap and then got ready. I needed an outfit to go with my new $9 shoes!hahaha

Forever 21 Blazer, ASOS bodysuit, Target scarf, Just Jeans Jeans, Payless $9 shoes.

You can see Robbie in the right photo, our robotic vacuum cleaner, working hard to clean our bedroom floor- go Robbie!!

Back of the ASOS bodysuit- business in the front, party in the back. 

Lychee and ice cream at Remember Saigon. YUMM.

An invitation sample I got from Etsy last week. The pattern is not me or our wedding, but I have decided that this style, the booklet style is what I want. Now I just have to play around with my ideas for tweaking it.

Apart from the movies and dinner, this weekend I also went to a friend's birthday lunch and then had some family over at ours yesterday for lunch.  I cooked lasagna, which turned out pretty well and then showed my family my tricks on the pole. I was lucky that I didn't fall when I went upside down, after the sneaky tequila shots A and I were having in the kitchen hehe.

 At lunch, my dad and my little brothers gave me my first birthday presents.... I'll post on that shortly.

How was your weekend? eventful?


  1. I LOVE those $9 shoes! What a bargain!! The date night outfit looks great too. :)
    Being without your engagement ring is the worst. I hated not having mine when it was getting resized. I hope they don't take too long with yours.

    1. I know.. I couldn't believe it and I couldn't keep walking! hahaha Thanks hun and yeah it feels weird, I feel a little naughty. hahaha.

  2. My ring is gonna be naked in a few days, ring is going in for a servie :(
    Love your outfits, I reallllly need a white blazer after seeing it on you now!

    1. service is long enough, but this time I have no idea how long it will be :( Thanks hun, well I know you like Forever 21 and I think it was a whole $24 or something ridiculous like that?

  3. I just checked out the Forever 21 site. And it seems really good and cheap! How does the sizing and shipping work out to be. Are they ok sizes in relation to aussie and is the shipping inexpensive aswell? Just thought I'd ask before I start purchasing like crazy on the site. They have some really cool stuff!

    1. Sorry I forgot to reply to this. I have only bought Forever 21 when I have been in the countries that have stores and I think their shipping to Oz is expensive, but you can always get a host address from places like That makes it a lot cheaper. The clothes themselves are ridiculously cheap!

  4. i just ordered that asos body suit last friday! good to know it looks good!!

    1. great minds think alike :) I love it