Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Leaving Home

The time has come for me to leave the family home and enter a world of responsibility, partying and of course bills :(

The day we got back from the Philippines, our roommate called us to give us the news - we had been approved~! I am moving in to a penthouse with A and 2 of our really good guy friends. By good guy friends, I mean the type who refuse to look at my pole dancing photos, because "you're like a sister and we don't want to see you doing those things" hahahaha.

We move in next Friday!! I can't wait for the move and for once I am not even annoyed at the packing side of things. I have probably moved about 20 times in my life, so I consider myself a kind of professional :)

Moving out of home also means that I can cross off one of my new year's resolutions...
  1. Be admitted as a lawyer in the Supreme Court of NSW
  2. Get my Body Back
  3. Launch 'Dat Girl'
  4. Watch my Savings Grow
  5. Move out of Home
  6. It's a Secret…
  7. Plan my wedding!!!

The place we are moving in to is great and I can't wait to fill it with all new stuff and crack open some of our engagement presents.

The first thing on my agenda is to get a new bed.
 I love white leather beds and have long dreamt of a black and white bedroom.
With this in mind, A and I hit Auburn Home Megamall on Sunday...

This TV bed from Snooze was our original favourite. The TV stand has a remote control which lowers and lifts the TV. When lowered the TV is covered. Is this practical  and worth the extra cost though? I don't know.

This is the current front runner. I'm not as fan of the bedside tables, but I love this bed from Forty Winks.

We really have no idea what to look for in a bed or a mattress....

Does anyone have helpful advice?


  1. Ohhh!! This is so exiciting! I remember feeling like this when i moved out too! Congrats on the new place! :)

    Go and test the beds haha I'm serious.. Jump on them lay on them and bounce around find one that feels comfy for you both bcos you're spend a good 8 hours a day in it! I love the idea of a white leather bed too.. Try and coordinate the colours with the colour scheme of your new room! :)

    1. This will be fun, I can tell already :) Thanks babe! My mum got me the most perfect moving out of home present last night, I will have to post it shortly. x

  2. So very exciting for you! I love the one from forty winks the best! I look forward to seeing pics of the penthouse! (Now that sounds fannnccy!)

    1. I think we decided last night that it was our favourite too. Penthouse does sound fancy doesn't it??? I guess I need to write something every now and then that makes me seem a wee bit classy :P

  3. Love bed 1 and 3 (how much was the tv bed? I tried looking up their website but couldn't find it) were looking for a white leather bed at the moment too

    1. Yeahhh they are my favourite too! The TV bed was $3000 for a queen or $3400 for the king, which comes with the remote, but obviously not the mattress.

      Number 3 was $1800 for a king.

  4. hi

    I was looking up on Google images the 'snooze TV bed' and came across your blog. I just have to say that my boyfriend and are getting that bed (order is in) and all the pics you have, are all the ones we have looked at. The forty winks bed was our first bed we were going to get but then walked into snooze and the TV sold my boyfriend as I am wanting a French provincial style room but we compromised as he is not into that. We ended up going the black and white theme! I just thought it was funny, we are going to have a black shag rug under the bed, black lamps and a black detailed mirror. Just dont like any of the side tables or the price that comes with it. I think you should go with what your heart is set on and also, if you can wait till the June stock take sales. Snooze or the other places can place the mattress and bedhead in storage for you (no charge) . We bought ours in Jan sales and is in storage (no extra cost) until we move in. Also finance wont kick until delivery, so hopefully that helps you out.