Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Last Chance!!

It is your last chance now to enter my giveaway.
I am going to draw it tomorrow morning, so enter NOW NOW NOW!!!

In other news... I have been back solidly on 12wbt since I got back from Manila for 2 weeks now and I am starting to see the change.

Last week I lost 300grams, this week I lost 500grams.
It is not the fastest pace in the world, but this morning something clicked and I finally feel like I have gotten my Mojo back!

I need to explain what I mean by "back". When I left for my exchange in Canada I was my heaviest ever and I decided I would not continue being the "chubby" girl. In Canada I had a gym in my apartment complex and I ate their version of Lite n Easy on most days. While everyone else gained weight on exchange, I managed to loose 9kgs. Travelling around the US for a month with A quickly put 2 of those back on, but it didn't matter because now I was determined!!

When I was in Canada I would stream Australian radio on the computer and one day I heard the ad for 12wbt. I decided I was not going to tell anyone (in case I failed) but I would do it.

At the half way point, I couldn't hide it anymore as the weight started to drop and as people commented on how skinny I was looking I was happy to tell them how. I did 12wbt a second time and got to my lowest weight, which was 15kgs lower than when I started. This was some time ago now... not sure exactly how long, but over a year.

This is what my body was like then.

I kept the weight off for a long time and it wasn't until October (after the engagment party) last year that I gained a few sneaky kgs. I am not as big as I was, but I am not loving life as much as I use to.
My clothes are getting tighter and I am hating most pictures I see myself in.
These are my signs that I need to do something.

I love that "throw anything on" and feel fabulous feeling!! It is sooo much better than the, "try a million things on and still see a sumo in the mirror" feeling.

That Sarah was happier and that is the Sarah I am determined to get back.

Do you have any tips or tricks for getting your mojo back or shedding the unwanted kgs?


  1. I think you still look fab! :)

    But definitely, think it's great that you're embarking on a journey to bring back your self confidence!

    I don't know how you do it :( I try to eat healthy and exercise more but my weight NEVER seems to budge. It sucks!

    Look forward to seeing your journey, and hopefully gaining some motivation and tips from you! xx

  2. Thanks sweetheart. Your comment really made me smile, but I guess it is always how you feel about yourself, and how you see yourself. Previously, I would be comfortable at my current weight, but I think because I have been smaller now and I have chucked out all my "bigger" clothes... I just don't feel like the best version of me anymore.

    Thanks hun... i'll try and come up with tips for you! :)

  3. You do look smoking in that picture :-)

    I'm doing the 12wbt myself and I am really happy with the results. I'm the smallest I have been since leaving high school now, and think I will hit high school weight before the program finishes.

    Food has been my biggest change, eating smaller portions and eating less bad stuff. Definitely makes you think twice when you know that a single piece of dark chocolate will take 15 minutes of running to counteract.

    Just remember, 80% diet, 20% exercise...

    Oh and Mish's latest video too, motivation isn't required, committment is!

    1. thanks hun! I put this picture up because it is my goal and it reminds me that I can do it. I find that kind of goal way more rewarding than just seeing a skinny girl on the street and wishing I looked like her hahaha :)

      Food is my enemy :( haha