Monday, 16 January 2012

The Golden Globes 2012

I was skimming through the Golden Globes fashion just a minute ago and look what I stumbled across...

You might remember this dress from my other post about what I want my bridesmaids to wear. It is nice to see it in another colour, but I am not a huge fan of this colour, it doesn't seem to show the twisted detailing as much as the off white.

Once I criticised one dress, of course I couldn't stop, so I considered doing a best and worst dressed post, but then I realised my best list was getting wayy too long, so it is more a Like and Dislike list :)

Who do you think was best or worst dressed?


Just stunning.

Vintage glam done well with the dark locks and minimal accessories.

I'm not sure why I like this to be honest, but I think it has something to do with the different tones of red running through it and the shoulder pads.

While they look a bit stiff in this picture (like their very own wax models), there is something very sleek about what Brad and Angelina are wearing that makes me like it.

Heidi Heidi Heidi, you have done it again. Simple yet beautifully elegant, but I guess when you look like her you don't need to do too much to look breathtaking.

Can I use the word MILF when describing fashion? Well I just did. She is a MILF if I have ever seen one!!! To me, Nicole Richie in this shimmery number also looks refined and sleek, with just a touch of party mama. 

If you chop off Mila's "cranky pants" face, this is a stunning dress.


I'm sorry is she 50 and just learning how to sew? Ohh look at me, I can make a matching headband too.

I looked at this one for a while and I tried to like it, but I just kept getting flashbacks of ripped jeans and tie die singlets. Awful.

Can you say "poorly fitted formal dress"?

I don't think I will ever look for a dress that makes my bum look even bigger than it already is, but heyyy I guess Natalie Portman does and she found it in this pink disaster.

Wrong in soo many ways. I get the idea and it is very reminiscent of a former Halle Berry gown, but it just is too high on my tacky radar.

Dress ups in grandma's closet??

Wow, after writing those comments I think I really love writing about the not-so-stunning dresses, a lot more than the glamorous ones. I think I may have just found an idea for future posts. What do you think? Did I make you laugh at least? :P


  1. I love the plum coloured one with the shoulder pads and also Mila but you are right she does have a cranky pants face!
    Sarah Michelle Gellar looks like she had a fight with the white king and a blue dress. TERRIBLE !!!!!!!

  2. Angelina and Emma Stone look STUNNING.
    Mila wore a verrryyy similar dress in lilac last year so that's a bit boring on her.
    And your dislikes are spot on!