Friday, 27 January 2012

11 things and Tagging- it's all the rave!

I have been tagged by the beautiful Sophie from J'Mappelle Sophia Thanks hun and thanks for always reading and commenting on my blog! Makes me feel loved :)

I thought I'd make this post a little more interesting with some old school pics as well!
Babybluez- get it? :P
(Sorry in advance for the randomness of this, I am operating on a hangover and 3hours sleep!)
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1.  In 2010 I went on a student exchange to Canada. I attended the University of Calgary and lived on campus for the entire semester. Despite the sometimes -26degree weather, it is one of the best things I have ever done in my life and would recommend it to anyone.
The wallpaper here is just tragic!!
2. When I applied for number 1, I was not with A. After A and I started dating, I was accepted. We had only been together 3 months when I  said goodbye to him at the airport (with a lot of tears from both of us) and got on a plane to Canada. We stayed together the entire 6 months I was gone, skyping as often as we could. I was one (of two) of the only people who remained completely faithful the entire time I was away. We then met up at LAX after I finished studying and I squealed like a little girl when A ran to me, picked me up and twirled me around.
I'm on the left, matchy matchy hehe
3. When I was 16, I got in the car with my boyfriend at the time, reached back to get my seat belt and before I managed to put it on, he took off and when straight into a pole. I do not remember anything else. I had a hematoma in my brain, a fractured skull and many other injuries. I lost half of my blood and received a 16cm long cut down my forehead. It is why you will always see me with a side fringe. The driver of the car only cut his two, his friend had a fractured arm. My mum said when she walked into the hospital that night, they were mopping up my blood with a mop and bucket. I am lucky to be alive.
That mark on my forehead is my birth mark and it prevents me from having a straight fringe.
4. I have lived in something like 20 houses. I find it funny when people like A have only ever lived in one place their entire life. One of these houses was on fire one time when I was little. It was started by our cat jumping on the kerosene heater.
Two older brothers
5. I have four brothers. Two older and two younger. I have no sisters :(
My brother and his little girl.
6. I like eating raw bacon rinds. I know. Grosse huh? I have also been known to eat dolmio sauce from the jar.
Year 10 formal. My nan made my dress. No idea why my boobs were so massive that night, but they were!
7. I love getting a good bargain, so much so that I will brag about it to other people. When someone says "hot dress" I'll be like "thanks and it was only $10!!!" I love the satisfaction I feel from that.
No idea who the girl in this shot is?But I love laughing at my mum's haircut.
8. I have been to 19 countries and only 4 of those are in Europe. A and I have made a pack that for the rest of our lives we will go overseas once a year. I love travelling.
This was about when I started styling myself hahaha
9. I have never dated the same nationality more than once. This is not on purpose.
10. The thought of having kids scares the hell out of me! I don't think I could be responsible for someone else's life. I barely get my own right.
11. I only recently watched scarface. By recently, I mean a week ago. I had to watch it because my friends couldn't stop teasing me about being one of the only people who hadn't seen it.
Sophie's Questions

  1. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? I really want to get to South Africa next, so i'd say that.
  2. Do you have a goal you aspire to at the moment? Yes, to lose weight :)
  3. What is the food you eat most frequently? Chicken
  4. What is the best meal you ever ate?  This one is hard, but I do remember loving Grilled cheese & Oregano on a stick on a beach in Rio. haha.
  5. Favorite type of chocolate? Lindt.
  6. Who did you last talk on the phone with? A's best friend, he was calling to see why we weren't at the BBQ yet.
  7. What is the last book you read?  Still reading Bethenny Frankel's 'A Place of Yes'.
  8. Open- or closed-toe shoes in the summer? Open
  9. Have you ever won a prize? Yes, I won a harbour bridge climb recently when I put a message in the paper for A on Vday.
  10. Do you consider yourself to be shy or outgoing?  Outgoing.
  11. Do you live near or far from family? Far. The only family I have in Sydney is my mum and one older brother.

Babies and Alcohol- it never gets old!

My Questions
1. Why did you start your blog?
2. Policeman or Fireman? lol
3. Favourite clothing brand?
4. What is your current favourite TV show?
5. What is something you love eating that you think other people would find yucky?
6. If you could be famous, what skill would you want to make you famous?
7. Who do you think is hotter, Rhianna or Beyonce?
8. What is the number one thing you can't leave home without? (aside from wallet, phone, keys)
9. Do you like to have a busy social calender or spend your weekends relaxing?
10. If you were Prime Minister, what would be the first thing you would do?
11. Chocolates or Lollies?
My mum use to breed golden retrievers and I would sneak out to play with them all the time. She also use to make me clothes, this was one of my favourites.
(i'm trying to tag those I don't think have been tagged)
My parents wedding. The boys all look so handsome.


    You learn so much about someone from these questions . I got shivers about the car accident. Someone was looking after you from above that night.
    Wow I cannot believe you have travelled so much that is so cool!
    I have learnt so many interesting things and one thing now is that I am craving grilled cheese ahaha.

    1. They definetly were, I think I know who too ;)
      It is the best thing ever lying on a beach and having food and drink vendors walking up and down, offering you the world haha.

  2. Wow... someone was watching over you. You are truly blessed, what a horrible story =(.

  3. Wow you were very very lucky! I have been in a few pretty bad accidents, although not as bad as yours and I always appreciate the fact that everyone is ok, because not many are as lucky

  4. oh yay, got tagged! thanks for that, will get onto it soon. diary is filled up atm, and only have time to squeeze in a few shorter blog posts, plus gives me time to figure out 11 things about me!!!!