Monday, 19 December 2011

Mums know best

On Saturday, A & I decided to take our Mums to see the first venue we ever saw and the one that we have compared every other one to, ever since- The Grand Roxy at Brighton.

We decided to make an afternoon out of it and took the mums to lunch beforehand at Euro Bay Café in Brighton. I must admit this was a quite selfish move on our behalf as we were nursing terrible hangovers after a good friend's birthday celebrations on the Friday night, but the mums were happy regardless!

Euro Bay Café is always busy when we walk past and after eating their deliciously large meals I now know why. All of their mains were around the $20-25 mark and tasted great.

A got the Euro Burger- chicken with Haloumi yumm

I had the Chicken Pesto which was delicious and HUGE.

The mums both had a chicken Cesar.
They said it was yummy, but when they asked for egg they were told
"The Chef never puts egg in the salad"- odd.

After we buttered the mums up with food and explained why we liked the venue, we took them there and to be honest, I was a little nervous- my mum is really honest and I didn't know what I was going to do if my best friend (my mum) didn't approve of our possible wedding venue. The staff at the venue were great and just let us walk around and inspect as they prepared for a Christening, this allowed the mums to say what they really think.

A's Mum: "Sarah, we love it, but it is not up to us you have to love it too"

My Mum: "Sarah if you don't book it you’re a freaking, idiot!"

Gee mum, no pressure -  Thanks!! :)

She then continued to ask me, "Sarah why are you trying to find things wrong with this venue? You can't find anything and with the others you could"

As chicken as I am about making wedding decisions (if you haven’t already noticed), today I sent an email to check availability and I think this just might be the one!!!

A big serving of Woooo HOOOOOOOOO, with a side of relief.

I guess mums really do know best?!

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