Tuesday, 30 August 2011

And so it begins…

The wedding planning/exploring has officially begun!! By officially, I do not mean I only just started looking into the many many wonderful wedding options, because that started only a few weeks after I was engaged! By officially, I mean on the weekend we had our first serious appointment with a possible vender… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

We have been to a couple different wedding expos and obtained quotes from various organisations, but on Saturday standing face to face with a lady and asking questions, for the first time I got the feeling like "I could get married here…" and everything became really REAL!heheheh

Soo where was it? Well we went to Dockside groups official open day and due to our numbers 180-200 (which I never thought was a lot), we can only fit into one of their venues, which is the room 'Dockside' on Cockle Bay Wharf. It is a beautiful venue, right on darling harbour that oozes class, sophistication and parti-ness! Everything A and I want.

Inside.. I love the finishes!

View over Darling Harbour


Bridal Table

On top of all this, the lady was the best I have spoken to about anything wedding. She was young, fun and overall attentive, she straight away got what we envisioned for our wedding and spoke to us about what Dockside could offer us, while putting her little quirk on things e.g. showing us the designer snakeskin bathrooms lol.

My only concern of the venue is how good the soundproofing between the two rooms, does anyone know>? Has anyone attended a wedding there recently? She said it was refurbished 1.5years ago….

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