Thursday, 4 August 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

The weekend just past was amazingly messy... just the way I like it!!

On Friday night, I went to Hillside in Castle Hill with my girls Alessia and Drai, who I feel like I hadn't seen in agggessss.. girls catching up and $4 champagne = lots of giggles and a tonne of fun!!

Getting ready at Drai's

BOO!! Wearing a semi casual dress from ASOS.

Yes it's lady's night...

$4 champagne

Ale looking gorgeous as always!

Drunken ladies!

On Saturday we had a reunion in Bondi with our friends from the P&O Cruise where A proposed to me. It was so good seeing everyone again and such a relaxed atmosphere. Unfortunately, my tummy did not agree with my choice of several shots, Smirnoff and skullying wine. Oh well.. life goes on :)

The only two photos... sometimes I am too drunk to kodak?

I am suprised I managed to find my engagement dress on Sunday after how horrible these two nights made me feel... maybe my constant messiness has ensured I can do things regardless of how horrible the hangover is? Maybe I just really wanted a new dress? hehe.

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