Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Dress Diaster

As I have mentioned previously, my engagement dress was purchased online. I purchased it from an Australian store who order it from American designer Sherri Hill, after trying on similar styles in their store.  I had looked at many dresses online after first seeing this one, but none of them compared.. so around a month ago I made the purchase. Just over a week ago I started to get curious about when my dress would arrive and contacted the store, who more or less fudged me off. I then called again last Thursday to finally find out that apparently 5 weeks ago, a storm (the lady said hurricane- but who knows?) damaged the Sherri Hill warehouse, which resulted in the damage of many dresses, including mine!!! Due to the large amount of damage, there are certain styles she has decided not to re-make.. and you guessed it- that includes mine!!!

What are the freaking chances huh? A storm, on the OTHER SIDE OF THE FREAKING WORLD… stops me from being able to wear the beautiful little dress I wanted to wear to my engagement party… :(  This is the dress I was going to wear….. I found this photo on an American site, but if the story the lady in the store told me is true.. then no one will have any left, right???

In hope of possibly finding another dress as unique, I went with my friend Priscilla to search Chatswood Chase and surprisingly in George I found a dress that made me feel so pretty, whimsical and romantical… Priscilla is great to shop with too because she made sure I knew how it looked on me, suited me and was the type of dress people go "ooohhh" at! It was exactly the boost up I needed after the first disaster.. but I still couldn't commit so I left the store, only to call my mum and explain everything to her, including the fact that it was the last size 8 in the store and the dress was HALF PRICE!!! She claims she could hear it in my voice that this was the dress and I should go back and get it- I didn't. Instead I called A panicking and went to meet him at his nephews birthday party…

After explaining the situation to my future SIL's and MIL they all screamed at me to go back to the store and purchase it! I scoffed down some food, sang happy birthday and then grabbed A to go back to the store with me, I needed his support (I know completely lame of me…so terribly lame!). Anyways when I tried it on he had nothing to say… I was waiting for a get of the jail free remark but he had nothing, he said he loved it and that I looked super pretty in it…. He even said he liked it wayyy better than the first one, so that was it THE DRESS WAS PURCHASED!!

Conclusion-  I have found my engagement dress AGAIN and pending any other natural disasters I would feel pretty in pink at my engagement party.

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