Friday, 26 August 2011

Random iPhone Post

I have all these random photos on my iPhone, that remind me of great things that have happened lately, so I thought i'd share them... why not right?

My beautiful friend Amanda...a group of us went out for Dinner the other week and after a few glasses of wine, we decided to convince the waiter it was her birthday, as you can tell it worked! :)

My girls dressed to impressed for a "vinnies" themed party.

At Redroom this was the sign on a reserved area,
"mary the skank"- cannot confirm if the claims are true or not ;)

My yummy dinner @Red Spoon Thai,
lamb shank in Massamun Curry mMmMM

Random collection of coffee cups at Town Hall Station

My beautiful puppy Nina likes to eat her Milo yoghurt
straight from the container hehe

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