Thursday, 25 August 2011

Another piece of the puzzle…

I have been updating my blog with additions to my eParty outfit each step of the way, so I feel it is only right that I continue with my jewellery selections…

After looking for hours online for earrings, I ended up finding the earrings I wanted in my local shopping centre.. I'm not sure which of these pairs I will wear yet, but I know either will look great with the rest of the outfit. I am currently leaning towards the first pair, they are a darker silver and therefore will match my shoes the best.

Very Miss K of me (purchased before seeing the pictures :P)

I also grabbed this bracelet, which I love and I want to team it with a single row, pearl bracelet to tie in the white on my shoes…

And that my friends is one completed Engagement Party Outfit =) I haven't decided on whether I will buy a bag or not, I probably will just as an excuse for a new clutch, but realistically I will not be using it or holding it at the party.


  1. You'd have to try on the dress to determine! Both prettY! The second remind me of Ms Middleton!

  2. It's funny you sayt that.. that is what I was typing in google, when I was originally searching :)

    I ended up going with the first.