Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Miss Kim K

I have long been a lover of black and white weddings and do believe this will be the theme at my formal, hopefully classy wedding affair. Would I go to the extreme and ask all of my guests to wear black and white though??? I think not!! I am a reality TV addict and often love watching the beautiful Kardiashian sisters act nutty on TV in their amazing outfits. So, I am looking forward to seeing all the photos from Kim's recent wedding. However, from what I have seen and read so far, I understand all of the guests were asked to wear black or white. The bridesmaids wore ivory, her mum wore a white Vera Wang gown… ummmm hello… doesn't that make Kim just seem like another girl in a white dress?  Obviously, you would know she is the bride, because if you're attending the wedding you should know and the over-the-top dress gives it away, but on that one particular day I would request that no one wore white apart from me!It is just your right as a bride, right?

 I am also a big fan of themes (most of my parties have had a theme) but not on a wedding day. Let your guests enjoy picking out a fabulous outfit, which will result in amazing photos as they contrast with not only the bride herself, but also all the other guests at the wedding.

Mum and Sisters IN WHITE

On to another aspect of Kim's wedding… I, like many others, saw the few snapshots already released of the reality TV star and I must admit she looked STUNNING, glowing in wedding bliss and constantly smiling and blushing at her soon-to-be husband. I have only seen those photos at the moment, but what do we think of the headpiece? When I first saw it, I thought it was like the crown worn in many Orthodox ceremonies, only to hear it was a very religious Christian ceremony. This girl can rock just about anything and I will be wearing something similar at my own Orthodox ceremony, but if I was deciding on something purely for fashion… I'm not sure I would go with that.

 It looks great at the moment and yes as all fashionista's are saying "it is on trend", but is it a timeless statement? Maybe not. Her earrings on the other hand I LOVEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Photo from E

What do you think???

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