Thursday, 18 August 2011

Cinderella for a Day....

My good friend Priscilla once wrote on my wall, "A pair of new shoes can make any girl feel like Cinderella" and isn't it the truth??? I don't want to get all Carry Bradshaw on you (as I feel right now writing a blog about shoes lol), but there is something about a new fabulous pair of heels that you spend wayyy too much on and you know will cause you immense pain the first day you wear them, that makes a girl feel WONDERFUL!!!! Men will never understand our obsession and quite frankly we don't need them to… who cares?? Women all around the world will continue to support each other in their shoe desires and need for more shoe storage. Our support will come in various forms but most commonly through a compliment from a stranger, "wow I love your shoes" or if they are a superb pair of shoes a "where did you get them from?"

What brings on my blog about shoes?? My latest pair of course! My new Tony Bianco's that I purchased for my engagement party…. And here they are……

I love them, a perfect off-white to not be too harsh on the eyes and a little bit of party bling!!

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  1. Love the shoes Tazza, i'm completely stealing this idea for the wedding ;)