Friday, 29 July 2011

A change is as good as a holiday??

I have always wondered about this saying.. Yes in some cases it  definitely holds true that a change can make you feel fabulous- when you dye your hair colour after a break up, when you loose a tonne of weight after a break up or when you change your wardrobe just because you are bored :) In saying that, there are some changes, whilst welcome, do NOT feel as good as a holiday.

I started a new job this week in the career path that I am pursuing and so while it is all exciting, interesting and all round new.. I can't seem to shake this "just started high school" feeling. Isn't it the worst feeling ever? It doesn't matter how confident, intelligent or established in the field you are, I think everybody experiences this uncomfortable feeling in their first week or two at a new job. It is the main reason we all hated changing schools as a kid (minus moving away from your friends)- the awkward new kid at school feeling, but in my mind it is worse at work than at school. At school you were surrounded by people your own age, who lived near your house and whom would generally follow the latest trend e.g. skipping, yo-yos or handball. At work you have no guarantee there will be any other employee who is of the same age as you, likes what you like or will even talk to you during work hours AND to top it off, you not only have to prove that you should be accepted in their inner work circle, but you also have the pressure of proving to your superiors that you can do all the things you said you could during your interview. Yes, with time all of these things become less important, as your work becomes second nature and you weed out those who will and won't attend after work drinks, but nevertheless the "induction hell" is inescapable for those first weeks… arggghhhh!!! NONE, I repeat NONE of these feelings are even somewhat familiar to the bliss I feel on holidays, while I lay on an empty beach tanning with a cocktail in my hand.

On the bright side though…my new work has weekly massages and free pilates or yoga at lunch time- talk about perks! Plus, this office gives me a chance to parade my cutest suits :)

First day nerves in my Review suit and Tokito blouse

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