Friday, 22 July 2011

Shopping, Flowers & a Mocktail!

So I thought I would take advantage of Thursday night shopping and a gift voucher, which had been floating around my bag for awhile and ended up with two pairs of Jeans!! I wouldn't normally go to Just Jeans for my Jeans, but Dad had got me a voucher for my birthday back in April and I am pleasantly surprised by my purchases and best of all, they are a size smaller than I ever use to be able to fit in to- HURRAHHHHHH!!

Good old trusty dark jeans!

Oh and for the train ride, I bought my second ever bridal magazine... I love browsing through them in hope of new ideas or inspirations I can steal (eh hem I mean borrow :) ). My first bridal mag was bought for me by my mumma, which I thought was more than fitting, being her only daughter and all...

Two more pictures to end this post with, a bunch of flowers bought for me by my colleagues on my last day of work and a mini mock up of the centrepieces we will have at our engagement party (the ring will look a lot more in proportion to the GIANT martini glasses).

Lovely! Thank you xx

Off for a romantic weekend.... see you at the other side xx

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