Tuesday, 26 July 2011

It's raining... It's pouring...

On the weekend, I headed to Nelson Bay with A and some of his family, excited to see the beautiful giant beasts of the ocean aka WHALES!!!!! After a horrible drive up we arrived at our hotel, only to be told that despite being creatures of the ocean, the rain was not good for whale watching and boats wouldn't be going out :( So what do you do if your away, it's raining and you no longer have an event to wake up for??? You drink of course!!! Oh and drink we did... Waking up only when our bacon and eggs knocked on the door, courtesy of room service.

Drinking in the room.. so classy!

The rain may have stopped us from seeing whales, but it also stopped us from really doing anything and there is something wonderful about lazying around in bed, getting up only to stroll around for a cafe for lunch.

Crazy rough surf!

Sunset lovers

A looking rather unimpressed by the Marina

The rain continued on the Saturday night and so did the drinking, accompanied by great company, yummy food, a big sleep in followed by another meal in bed :)
It's amazing when you stop to think that sometimes it takes something like horrible weather to make us slow down, lounge around and not worry about the million things on our to do list- bring on the rain I say!


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