Thursday, 6 June 2013

Woopsie... Here's a wedding!

Woopsie! I fell off the bandwagon and I give myself the worst blogger award!
The funny thing is, I have actually had a lot to blog about... but my business has stopped me. Life got in the way, as they say. I have been attending so many markets and pop up events for Dat Girl, I got a new job, I turned 26 (eep!) and I have tried to put my foot on the petal with wedding stuff, as we are now under the 6 month mark.... I'll update that in a separate post...
So here's to the start of updating you on what's been going on...
Let's start with my friend Christine's wedding
I have had loads of conversations with Christine about wedding planning over lunch, what annoys us, what we don't want to spend money on and what traditions we are throwing out the window.
She got engaged maybe 6 months after us, but was married in April.
Unfortunately on her day the rain bucketed down and her beautiful outdoor ceremony had to be moved indoor. She was lucky she had a backup venue and lovely decorators who were more than happy to move things to another location for her...


 She looked stunning.
You know how you always try to imagine what the bride will wear? well I got it totally wrong and I loved how she looked!
The reception was at Garden's on Forest, which was a beautiful venue and we had soo much fun!
Especially in the photobooth!
The 5 hour reception just flew by though, and I wasn't even the fast will time go at my own?! arghhh!!
Cake, complete with bobble heads!
I am glad weather is one thing that I don't have to worry about.

What I wore..


  1. I was wondering where you had gone!

    Can't believe your wedding is so close. Your friend's wedding looks beautiful, I adore her dress - and yours, for that matter! What a pity it rained, I hope she didn't mind too much.

    I'm glad Dat Girl is going well, I wish I was in Melbourne so I could come to a pop-up stall and visit!

  2. ooh That's where our reception was... Looks gorgeous! She had my DREAM CAKE too!!!