Friday, 7 June 2013

My Birthday

Well it happened... my birthday rolled around once again, they all told me I was a year older, A spoilt me and I drank my fair share of alcohol.
I am officially one step closer to 30, and one step further away from 20 - I'm 26.
The Friday before my birthday, we met some of our favourites at our local for cocktails and dancing. They made sure I enjoyed myself sooo much, that I took the taxi through McDonald's drive through on the five minute drive home :)
Love my neon pumps! $15 from Rubi :)
How bad does my skin look in these pictures? I had ran out of Mac and used an Australis foundation I had lying around... sooooo shiny you could see your reflection in my face!
they gave me a balloon!!! small things, small things.
My actual birthday was on the Monday (29th April) and I had the day off work.
During the day I get told by A "you'll get instructions later".
Later on I get a text... "be in the city at 4:45pm" with an address.
After jumping in the shower, I realised I had no idea to what to wear! I sent A a few sms' but no response and then I got...
"Hello Birthday Girl. You should wear something warm, bring a jacket and not too dressy but not too casual. Wear flats. Pack clothes for work tomorrow and don't forget your toothbrush!"

I picked out an outfit and trained it into the city, where I met A and was taken to our hotel room for the night. Then I was quickly rushed out the door...
We walked for about 15 minutes, before A walked over to a man got a couple of tickets and I realised what we were doing... canapes and drinks on a tall ship around Sydney Harbour!!!!
I loooved it! It was romantic, fun and an amazing birthday!


red eyes in

After the cruise, he continued to spoil me with an array of birthday presents.
I am one lucky chicken!!

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  1. you sure are lucky! My husband got me nothing for my birthday BOO