Friday, 15 March 2013

Thailand- Phuket

Ahhhh Thailand... the land of smiles, and there is no doubt in my wind as to why.. the beautiful beaches, the daily massages, foot scrubs, facials and anything else nice you can do for your body, the shopping, the drinking by the bucket load and of course the partying!

As much as I love Dat Girl, it was good to have some time where I couldn't actually do anything as well! Some family members were holding the fort for me and instructed me that I must try not to think about it... I have to admit, it felt nice.
We went away with 9 of our closest friends, so to say we came back a lot more exhausted than when we left would be an understatement. Although I can honestly say that we made the most of EVERY moment. The most time that was spent in any of our hotel rooms was when we were sleeping... one of our resorts didn't even have TV's in the rooms, which was even better as it forced (even though it was voluntary) to spend more time on our private beach.
I have many many photos, but for the sake of your finger on the scroll bar, I will try to limit to a few per day....I'm going to split it into two as well 
Night 1 
 the first buckets for some in our group, and my first ever public pole performance, which was encouraged by my fiance, who when seeing a girl rub up against a pole said "Come on Sarah... you can do better than that". Ey, if the fiancee approves, all is okay :)

Day 2
The day was spent having fish eat our feet, shopping, drinking cocktails and getting massages.

 Night 2
Dinner at a Mexican restaurant, lanterns, an infamous Thailand type of show and then a night where the terrible threesome consumed waay too many drinks
Day  and Night 3
Struggled to get up on this day, let me tell you! Once I hauled A and my girl Alana out of bed, we met the others to check out the shopping centre.... go bowling, get facials, go on a 4D ride, visit a few more markets, get a pedicure and then finish it all off with a family dinner on the beach and our own fireworks.
Day 4
It was an early start on day 4, as we headed out on a snorkeling tour, but it was wayyyy worth it..... The initial 40min  boat ride was rough and unfortunately our idea to sit at the front of the boat was not a good one. We were airborne for a good amount of the trip.
Night 4
Phuket Town night markets... lots more shopping! Wooohoo!
The boys also got into the crickets, worms, frogs etc... I was happy to watch their faces and not take a taste test.
The next day we flew to Koh Samui.....

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