Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Wedding Flowers

I did warn you that we have made a lot of decisions in the beginning of this year. As I write this post, exactly 10 months out from the big day, part of me is happy with all the decisions that have been made, while the other part is petrified that I will forget a lot of the smaller details.
I always really really wanted a wedding decorator/stylist for our wedding to give it that extra something special, but when I would look around a different ones I never found any that screamed out at me and with the help of my mum, I think I have worked out most things anyways.
A few weeks ago, Mum and I met with Elizabeth from Sydney Wedding Flowers to discuss my needs and the quote she had given me.
One thing I immediately liked about Elizabeth - her prices are on her website and regardless of what type of flowers you want, her price doesn't change. For someone like me, who wants Peonies and Hydrangeas this is very important!!
Elizabeth operates out of her home and I think (from my own home business experience) this is why she can keep her costs down.
I was super nervous about this appointment, because this was one that made it feel real, and this was one that could impact the look of my wedding in a major way.
From the start, Elizabeth made me feel very at ease, as she asked all the details of our wedding - my dress, BM's dress, locations and venues.
I then pulled out my StyleMePretty inspiration photos and showed her what I wanted. Straight away she told me "these are American photos, I know American Peonies because we don't get them like this here" - awwwww! ahahaha All I could do was laugh.
I showed her my ideas, and what I liked about her, which may actually shock you, is the fact that she didn't just agree with everything I imagined, she actually told me "no I don't think that would look good" and explained her point of view, which my mother (the trader) agreed with.
I am happy Elizabeth did this, because I don't have a stylist or decorator and when I am paying professionals, I want them to give me their professional opinion from their experience, I don't just want a "yes mam" and end up with a fugly wedding, that I look back on and cringe! haha
We decided on a mixture of mainly pink and some white peonies for myself, mainly white and some pink peonies for the girls, and 3/4 large peonies, tied with ribbon, for the flower girls.
The bridal table will have an arrangement of mixed vases - different types and sizes
(sorry for the blurry photo)
and the centrepieces will be balls of peonies and hydrangeas (whites and soft pinks, but mainly whites - due to the pink lighting in the place) on black baroque stands like the one below and a circle mirror underneath. On the mirror will also be our table numbers.
I have paid the deposit and Elizabeth is locked in. PHEW - one more major decision down!
How are my fellow brides coming along with your plans?


  1. Woohoo for another choice down! They will look amazing. I'm trying to do the same as you and have as much sorted out as early as I can - I'm trying to find a florist at the moment!

    1. If you were in Sydney, I would have you sorted :P

  2. Yah for locking down your flowers - they are stunning by the way! I adore Peonies!
    We have just changed photographers, so we just signed our new contract with our new photographers. Flowers and decorations are my next thing to mark off my list!

    1. Thanks jessi, I didn't even know what they were before I started planning this wedding lol. Sounds like you're making awesome progress.

  3. Love the feature! By the way, what is that pink flower boquet (3rd photo)? They are very beautiful! I think I will have that for my wedding, it's in 5 months.

  4. I have just contacted Sydney Wedding Flowers. The pricing is amazing.
    thanks for sharing

    1. YEY! Not a problem, feel free to mention that Sarah (getting married in November) sent you. I am happy to help with anything I can xx