Monday, 21 January 2013

Since I've Been Gone...

I have not been on blogger, one single time!
Whenever I have holidays from work, it is like a holiday from the computer as well. Of course, this time I had to still go online for Dat Girl, but I only did for the least amount of time possible.
So what have I been doing then?

I started this post 2 weeks ago, when it should have been posted, but it wouldn't let me attach my pictures until now.. and now I have been reading your blogs, but ah well.. same same. 

I had a night out at Ivy changerooms with some of my girls.
I don't know about you other light eyed girls, but I am constantly looking like the devil in photos! In the photo above I tried using the iPhone 5 red eye correction... i'm still not sure whether it made the picture look any better.
Wearing a white Kookai dress, which I did have teamed wth a yellow Collette necklace, but it broke within 5 minutes of me being at the bar... not sure if I blame it on the extreme heat or cheap necklace?

A and I have started our new eating plan. I know you're probably thinking that I always seem to be dieting, but this is the year of my wedding so no "normal" body is going to cut it! I need lean body please hehe.
We are eating high protein, with low GI carbs.. it is really easy and I am starting to get creative with how we do it, above is lean pork meatballs with sauce (made from carrot, zucchini, tomatoes and onion) on SLIM pasta.

We went away for NYE week with 13 friends to Lake Macquarie. It was such a great break!! This lake was in our backyard and we spent much time doing nothing, eating, drinking and playing on the slip and slide!
Oh why did it have to end?! :(

NYD sunrise with the boy... and yes I am in a Scorpion costume, you had to be there I guess.

bruises courtesy of pole dancing

OHH YEAH! And on NYE Dat Girl was published in Cosmo, it was very exciting and I felt like a proud mother.
Below I am a proud mother of some gummy teeth! Who doesn't love playing with gummy teeth?haha

I took Dat Girl to Glebe markets again, another successful trip... this weekend we are at Caringbah markets, if you're in the area... come down and say hi!

The week away involved shot roulette.. this is one way to ensure you get intoxicated.
And I met the cutest puppy EVER! She barely looks real... she is a moodle, a maltese cross poodle and adorable as all heck!

My mum attempted a Ginger Bread house and I got busy eating my gifts from work colleagues, and now you know the reason for the new eating plan :P

Dinner with the girls at Meet the Greek in Brighton le Sands. It is one of my fav greek restaurants now, they have a 5cheese fondue, which is basically a pot of melted cheese with some diced tomatoes and I know it goes straight to my thighs, but it is worth every single squat.


There has been heaps of movement on the wedding front, so I will try to update you all with that this week too!
Is anyone else on a healthy new new year's bender?


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  1. Love all the photos! And yes totally on a health kick for the exact same reason as you! There is one particular dress on one particular day that I want to look perfect for as well. :)