Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Life through my iPhone 5

I have been slack I admit this, between writing huge Government job applications, marketing Dat Girl, Christmas shopping, trying to socialise and clean and not put on too much weight and book things for the wedding and fulfil Dat Girl orders and do pole dancing and see my family and ARRAGGHHHHHHH yep all got a lot too much! hahaha.
It's funny, I get so tired sometimes and wish I wasn't that busy, but on the other hand I freakin' love being busy, and get bored after even one weekend at home..
The easiest way to catch up I think is through my iPhone 5, let's take a trip shall we? :P
Remember Oliver? He has gotten bigger now, but the poor little guy was really sick last week. Mum came home from work to find blood everywhere and ran him to the Vet. They thought he had Pavo (aka the puppy killing disease), luckily he didn't, but he was on a drip at the Vets for an entire week. The Vet still has no idea what it was, but if mum hadn't of rushed him there he wouldn't have survived!
How cute is he trying to reach over the fence like Bobbi?
Don't know when I wore this, but I must have liked the red lip, leopard print look.. pity about my cone head!

When my girls and I catch up, we get a whole board of pizza! Bondi pizza offers three of them like this now, it's cheaper and looks awesome so it's a winner in my books.


Headed out recently for drinks and dancing. Wore this Twiggy leather skirt from Dat Girl of course, with this backless ASOS leotard. It was a fun night out, I am not a home body all the time, that's for sure - this girl needs to boogy sometimes!

Pole dancing ended last week. I have officially been a pole dancer for a year now and I freaking loveeeee it! I would recommend it to anyone and I can really see and feel my muscles improving.
Speaking of which, does anyone else find it funny the bad rep pole dancing has?
Sure, in the past pole dancing went with stripping, but I personally think it's great that women have turned around something that was suppose to be "for men's enjoyment" and found a way to make it empowering for them, to help then become strong and fit!
A and my mum have both come to watch at my pole studio and both agree there is nothing sexual about it.. the things these ladies can achieve are amazing, they put the beefed up boys at the gym doing chin ups to shame, shame I tells ya!
Our first Christmas tree, all silver and pretty.



We went to Ivy Pool on Sunday and what a fun day it was!! Unfortunately, Ivy pool on a Sunday leads to feeling sorry for yourself on a Monday hahaha.
I'm wearing the Mayhem dress from Dat Girl.
My niece graduated from Preschool this week, how cute is this?! Cue awkies smile, when she just wants to be running around playing hehe.
What's everyone doing for the holidays?


  1. Love all the photos! You sound very busy! You must be some kind of superwoman. Good luck for all the job applications.
    Poor little Bobbi, that sounds so horrible. My puppy got sick (tummy bug) but nothing that bad and I was panicking enough about it.

    Totally agree with you on the pole dancing, a male friend of mine even does it and he loves it for all the reasons you mentioned. It's a shame it still can't shake that stereotype.

    And for me, holidays is the traditional family gathers, spending time with the fiancé (and some wedding planning & dress shopping!) and a getaway down south. What about you?

    1. Haha I think I wish I was a superwoman, but i'm just an ordinary one with a very patient fiance and family! Hope your puppy is better now too.

      I travel for family gatherings too and then in Jan the hardcore wedding diet and planning will begin! :)

  2. Such a busy girl!! Proud you're managing everything. Hope your mums puppy is all better now they both look adorable together! x

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