Thursday, 18 October 2012


I have been a less frequent aka bad blogger of late. When I have spare time lately, the last thing I feel like doing is thinking or typing or staring at a computer - the perils of running an online store I guess?!
Anyways, I do enjoy blogging and I will try to behave more blogger like, starting with a randomness post..
Last night I caught up with my girl Priscilla, for a girly gossip catchup chat. I love our chats like this and we hadn't done one in a while, so 3 hours, food and coffee was needed!
I felt so refreshed and cleansed when I went home haha.
Vienna Chocolate... mmmmmMm!
Dat Girl is featured on Scoopon at the moment, it is exciting to see my baby out there and see people respond to it - it is also really nerve racking!
A returned to Sydney for goof last week - YAAAHHOOOOOO!!!
(pity about my fat arms in the above pic, it's okay I gave him Sangria so he wouldn't notice hardy ha)
Before we moved in together, we use to have a date night tradition of doing something, anything together every Tuesday night. We kind of forgot about this when we moved in together, but now we have started the tradition again.
We went to La Cita at Cockle Bay Wharf for tapas platters. The top platter was my favourite, the bread was warm, the meatballs were soft and the Chorizo, ohhhh the Chorizo!
We had a family lunch on Sunday and I wore a Dat Girl blazer, pretty petals. I am now obsessed with this blazer, I have worn it a few times and keep getting compliments, now I just need the man parts to tell people where to get it from :P 

My niece couldn't stop looking at herself in the camera on my new iPhone 5. She is such a cutey, I spun out when I said hello to someone and out of her little mouth came "HELLOO" - I had never heard her talk before!
She has also started crawling in recent times, so it's been a big month for her. Must be tough!
One of my friend's puppies.. I dare you to say he is not cute? C'mon..I double dare you!
I love the attitude he has, I can't help but give him like a Mugley (is that the cartoon dog's name?) accent.
We are spoilt for sunsets from our balcony- SPOILT!!!
We had another Dat Girl photo shoot a few weeks ago, I am so excited to show everyone the new summer looks!
Why do I keep putting myself in photos with models? why? not my smartest move haha.
This is a new trick I taught myself on the pole when I was under the influence... I'm actually only holding on with one leg. I was very proud of myself.
We have our pole performance tonight and for the first time both my mum and A are coming to watch me... eeeep I hope I don't forget everything and look like a clutz! hahaha
What's your plans for the weekend?


  1. That food looks amazing!

    So exciting for you that A is back. You must be really happy!

  2. A;s back already! WOW that went past so quick!!

    I adore that blazer too! x

    1. I know right?! It went so fast! It is a favourite!

  3. Hooray for A being home! I love the date night idea, that is so sweet. I think I shall be suggesting that to my man.
    Totally understand what you mean about not feeling like blogging, you just want to relax in your free time. Congrats on the awesome work with Dat Girl too. :)

    1. honestly - do it!!! We find ourselves so tired or so busy with other people's things that sometimes we forget to go out to dinner and do stuff like that, and we shouldn't.. I love it! Thanks sweety xx