Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Don't Give up Your Day Job

Remember a couple of posts ago I said I find it hard to imagine all the decorative parts of our wedding coming together and I hope it all looks good?
Well.. today in a moment of procrastination and hump day-itis, I decided to actually put all the elements together... in paint.
YEP! Don't think I'm going to be a designer any time soon!
Won't give up my day job ;)
I even forgot to put chairs in, so I'm not even a good host! haha - hey at least they have a plate.
I emailed it to my mum responded, "your mad, but I love it".
Speaking of day jobs... I went for an interview for a new one a few weeks back. It is similar to the role I am currently in, but with a more exciting organisation - it also has the potential of being part-time, which would allow me to have some days to focus purely on Dat Girl.
Yesterday they called me supervisor for a reference check!!! EEEEP!
Cross your fingers for me please.....


  1. Good luck with the job! What kind of law do you practise?

    1. Thanks Mel, I'm in Employment atm.

  2. Good luck with the job! Love your paint work LOL... try Polyvore, it's free & easy to work with.

    1. I clearly had too much time on my hands, thanks for the tip hun x

  3. Good luck on the interview! Hope you get it!