Monday, 4 June 2012

New York, New Yoorrkkk.

Yes I was singing the song when writing the title of this post. :)

Peek a boo!

As some of you know I had New York themed 30th birthday party on Saturday night. I wore my ASOS maternity, yes maternity, faux fur coat to get in to theme.

 It was raining here all Saturday, but this coat is so darn warm I had to take it off sometimes when I was outside.

Birthday girl

I also wore this Blue Juice backless black lace dress and my new heels, you can see here

Upon arrival, the birthday girl gave us all a New York themed cupcake, which I thought was super sweet and thoughtful of her. I got the yellow cab.

The party was in a private section at LL wine and dine in Potts Point. Firstly, I must say the service here was very good and I couldn't have asked for anymore from out waitress. However, the first thing you notice about the place as you walk in is the tiles, the slippery almost fall and break your neck kind of tiles. We were warned by the waitress, but it didn't change the fact that you were scared to walk on them, even the guys in their flat guy shoes were slipping. We all had to basically walk like penguins, doing baby steps so our face didn't meet the ground.

Cocktail and cupcake, what more does a girl need?

The private area was nicely decorated, although a little bit squishy and hot. The place was set up with stools, small stools, with no cushion for your bottom or support for your back. These weren't too bad at first, but after sitting there for 4hours most people were very uncomfortable.

Shanghai Bling

As for the food, the food was DELICIOUS!! We got the $70 Diamond Banquet, complete with complimentary cocktail (also great). The massaman curry, won tons and pork belly were by far my favourite. In general, there was plenty of food and we all left with nicely rounded bellies. However, when it came to dessert, 2 plates of jam donut balls (yum) were brought out, one tart and one brownie sundae thing. That was it for 12 people. We were all given a spoon and told to enjoy. The guy sitting next to me asked for plates to the waitresses shock (she gave us them though). So yes, a spoon and a sundae to share with 12 people - does anyone else thing this is a little strange/weird/yucky??

To share with 11 other people.

The only other thing I could complain about really, was the fact that they stuck the 30person group with an extra 10% surcharge. I know quite a few places do this for group bookings these days, but I think when they are ordering a banquet it is just plain rude. Every person there was paying $70 PLUS drinks, surely they didn't need the extra 10%. I think if they are going to ask for the surcharge they should then advertise the price for functions as $77.

Taking advantage of the birthday girl..

I know there is a lot of negative here, but like with many birthday parties, I really did have a great night and overall enjoyed my experience at LL Wine and Dine. I won't rush to go back there, but I enjoyed it.

Sandy & I

The birthday girl's fabulous shoes!

I have another 30th this weekend, this time it is Zombie theme!!! Talk about total opposites.. haha.

Does anyone know where I could purchase Zombie makeup from?


  1. i have that dress in pink. It's beautiful huh?!

    1. oooHhH it would be so pretty in pink! I love it.

  2. The $2 shop? They usually have great bits and pieces for cheap costumes. Surely you'd find something there! Otherwise, some cheap lip liners and eyeliner and powders, make your skin super pale then go crazy with scars and blood and stuff :-)

    1. Oohh we have one near us, good thinking.. I think I will go crazy with the makeup! hahaha

  3. Great pics, look like it was a fun night. LOOOOVE your dress!

  4. Zombie makeup _ I got mine from jesters costume shop in caringbah, but check out any costume shop or cheap reject shop stores.

    1. ahhhh if I don't find any in the cheap stores near me, i'll head there thanks xx

  5. Stage shop! anywhere where they sell dance costumes and thinks like that!

    Love your get up for the new your theme. Very chic!

  6. You are so pretty!!

    You looked great!!

    Erm, yeah I find the sharing a sundae thing gross.. Icky it's like you could only have one spoonful each, otherwise it's double dipping and noone likes that!


    1. aww thanks Megs and yes EXACTLY my thoughts!! It wasn't even like they provided a serving spoon to avoid double dipping, you had no choice but to double dip or avoid it!