Thursday, 26 April 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

I didn't do a weigh in post last week for two reasons.
 1. I had lots of other things to post about. 2. I gained 200grams.
Despite not posting about it, I owned that 200grams and I knew I deserved it; my diet and exercise had been poor.

There was no way I was going to let myself have a gain 2 weeks in a row, so this week I avoided that lolly, when I ate out I only ate half the portion and I walked past all the cakes and goodies that my coworkers brought in this week and it paid off - this week I lost 600grams. That's last week's 200 and another 400- woooo hoooo! Now I just have to keep this weight loss train going.

After my weigh in yesterday, A and I hit the gym. I like training with him because he is naturally athletic and he pushes me. Yesterday he pushed me to do 5k's in 10minutes on the cross trainer and I was glad he did.

I sent my bestie this photo to entice her to get her butt moving! 

Around lunch time, friends started coming over and we enjoyed nibbles and a few drinks before heading to the local pub. I was determined that this year I was going to play 2 up and play I did. I was even the tosser for a few rounds. I loved it!! I felt good because I'm Australian (as we all are) and this is an Australian tradition and I'm doing it. This country doesn't have many traditions, but don't you think it's nice when we do? In my past I have been ridiculed by horrible ex boyfriends as having "no culture" whatever that means, so yesterday I felt like I was giving them a big "up yours!".

nomnom nibbles time!

After 2 up, we had a few too many drinks and we were in bed, passed out by 9pm. It was a great day!!

The hazards of having a pole in your apartment

I love a day off as much as the next person, but of course I understand the importance of yesterday as well. This was my facebook status yesterday:

Today we enjoy this day off, sipping alcohol, solcialising and enjoying our youth, but let's not forget the men and women who at our age or younger were asked to fight for their country. While we might forget our actions on a drunken day out, they can never forget their youth. Lest we forget.

I wrote this status, after I received a call from my mum asking if I would march with my Pop next year. I said HELL YES and then asked why he wanted to march now, he never has before. She told me he saw his old Navy Platoon on TV marching and there were only 8 of them left. He wants to join them next year as another survivor.

Regardless of how you spent your ANZAC day, I hope it was a happy one and I hope you thought about the men and women who fought for our country. Now I will leave you with a photo of some pretty flowers...

Lillies in my lounge room right now


  1. Yay for a loss :-) I don't think a 200g gain last week was that terrible either :-P

    1. hehehe thanks hun, but it isn't great either! :P

  2. Haha! Love the pic of the pole. I can just imagine all the antics that will involve the pole at future parties! :)

    Lest we forget.

    1. hahaha even my little brothers have gotten up on the pole!