Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My Princess Polly dress arrived last night, well actually it arrived a day after I ordered it, but I only managed to collect it yesterday.

I was right in my thinking that my bum and boobs would fill the dress out A LOT more than the model in the picture, but still I really like it.

Teamed with a skinny belt and wedges, I think it will be great…

 ...isss what I was thinking before I realised that a button fell off. I hadn't even worn it out of my bedroom when I saw it on the ground.

Now I have the dilemma, do I return it and go through the hassle of posting it back or do I sew the button on the back? What would you do?


  1. Sew it back on, will only take u a couple of minutes, its not worth the hassle of posting it back :-)

  2. I also agree about sewing it back on.
    Return if another one falls off though

  3. Thanks girls. I can sometimes (read always) be lazy with these things, so it is good to have your support :)