Friday, 3 February 2012

Bridesmaids' Dress Part 2

Remember my post about wanting this dress for my bridesmaids?

In the comments of that post, I said that I had looked into a few overseas sites that make this dress and I finally found a picture on one of them that looked like this..

To me, this copy of the dress just lacks the WOW factor of the other. Clearly, this is because of the absence of the detailed beading work on the cap sleeves.

After seeing this photo, I knew I had to go with a local dressmaker. While I was looking for one, I saw the original Reema Acra dress on Shopbop for over $5000- a little too much for a BM dress don't you think? Yeahh just a little bit much.

 My search for a local dressmaker led me to the Dress of Your Dreams website. Since my initial enquiry, Lara, the manager there has been answering all my annoying questions over emails, sending me various colour samples and explaining what materials will be used to construct the dress and how. All I had left to do was to pick a colour, tell her my size and order!

I sent this picture to show the beading.

It took me a while to finally order the dress. It wasn't because of the cost, but more because of the commitment to a theme for my wedding. I finally built up the courage by telling myself, "you have plenty of time until your wedding, this dress does not determine anything and you can throw it in the bin if you want to".
 Hmm yep, good logic Sarah.

With that logic in mind today, I emailed Lara and placed my order for one of the dresses in baby pink. I only ordered 1, just so I can see how it looks, the make, the colour, whether it is really what I want  etc. etc. It will take 8 weeks to be ready(eight lonnnngg weeks).

I can't wait to receive it, try it on and hopefully post a picture with a smile on my face.

Two side notes:

1. After I decided I loved this dress, I saw a picture of a friend on FB wearing it as a guest to someone's wedding. I pondered this for a bit, but it has not deterred me.

2. When I met up with a friend yesterday and told her I was going to get the dress in pink, she said "OOhhOOhh you love pink don't you?" I guessed this was referring to the colour of my engagement dress (which was pink also), but no I do not LOVE pink, I don't even wear it that much. I just think a pastel pink will work well with my overall black & white theme.

Record set straight- I am not pink obsessed. I don't even really like the singer either, but that is more to do with my mum's obsession with her than the colour of her hair.

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  1. I hope it goes well with the dress, It's definitely stunning

    1. Thanks hun, me too. If it does maybe you could get one made for a special occassion? I remember you saying you originally wanted it for your wedding.

  2. When I saw that dress on shopbop I thought of you !!!!! Its such a stunning dress ! You have fab legs btw LOL :)

    1. aww that's sweet Sophie and thank you, I can only assume it is from running? I use to HATE running, but since I have become a jogger I have got similar compliments to yours? hmmmm..