Thursday, 22 September 2011

Sandy's LBD Hens Party

Well.. as some of you may know I am Maid Of Honour for my girl Sandy and her hen's party was last weekend. She is a very very chilled out Bride and made everything super easy for me… I just gave her a list of various options and she chose the most appealing, but after that I begged her to let me surprise her and she did… she even stated "I will wear whatever you want me to"- Luckily I am nice huh? ;)

Pretty Lady- hair by me
makeup by Napoleon

Her day time veil@
Broadway Shopping Centre :P

I did however give her a day AND night time veil, some funny games and of course a few peepees here and there :P

Gifts for the Bride to be

Goody Bags for the hens-
inside was a garter, a ring and a Freddo!

Yummy! Chocolate pee pees and all ;)

We started off at the hotel for the games and I hid her in another room, whilst my mum(who was also invited) and I decorated the room and filled it with goodies..We were then ready to start the fun….

 Toilet paper wedding dresses are a must :P

The party then proceeded to Vivaz for Life Drawing, Cocktail Making Classes, Salsa lessons and a Brazilian buffet. Unfortunately, the bride to be only made it to the first two before her stomach decided she had tooooo much alcohol and she needed to rest ;)

These were inside the bags-
I made them to go with Sandy's theme

Life Drawing Model

Cocktail Making Class

We all drew the same thing bahahahaa

Fortunately, she made a hell of a time out of the time she was awake and HEYYYYY "it's my hens party and I'll leave if I want too" hehehe… she made a wonderful exit and a memory she will never forget- we will never let her ;)

 The theme was LBD and of course the Bride wore Green :)

 Having the time of her life!!!

 We turned around and there she was.. lying on the bar

Shake Shake.....

GREAT GREAT night... even if it was an early one ;)

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