Thursday, 29 November 2012

Party Season?

It is warming up, Christmas is getting closer and we are all partying a little more right? Hmm.. I don't know, for some reason I feel like my partying, wearing new outfit nights have been slim of late. Maybe it is because the saving for a wedding thing has sunk it or maybe I'm being lazy? Either way I am missing it a bit and I think I'll have to do something to vamp up my party calender!
My social calender feels so much less busy than last year - weird.
Anyhoo, I did go to Stereosonic in Sydney on the weekend and it was great!!
Of course it began with 10 am drinking and ended in 1am Chinese.
It was so full and such a beautiful day. I love partying in the sun.
Some of the acts were a bit disappointing, but overall I think Stereosonic still holds the title for the best festival in Sydney.

I put a photo of my outfit on the DatGirlclothing instagram, but unfortunately can't put it on here as I am at the maximum usage :(
It was a play suit from
I love play suits, but man they are a pain the bum when it comes to toilet time!

Do you like festivals? What's your favourite?


  1. haha I still remember for my 21st I wore a jump suit.. went to the bathroom and realised the button at the top to un-do it i couldnt reach..hahha!

  2. you're out of usage as well? Now I am beginning to think it's a blogger issue.. you're the 4th incl myself that's got the same issue!!

    Lets hope they sort it out soon.. I was just starting to link back via ImageShack to get around it..

  3. I am pretty sure I saw you on Saturday at Stereo! I thought it was you! Funny! It was such a great day!!!
    Mine ended with 3am tacos! #fatty

    1. WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT?! You should of said hi!! :( boo you! lol x