Wednesday, 24 October 2012

I Crawl Around

On Saturday, the usual group of trouble had decided we would all do a pub crawl through Newtown. It was a great excuse to start drinking during the day in the sunshine and something different.
Of course, everybody knows that you cannot start a pub crawl on an empty stomach and you must be smart about your choices for lining the tummy.
We were smart.. we went to Harry's Cafe de Wheels in Tempe.

Hot Dog de Wheels.
It has mushy peas, chill con carne, a dog, some amazing white sauce/cheesy thing and tomato sauce - it's a meal!
Side note: getting my hair done this weekend, cannot wait to kill these roots lol.
We headed in to Newtown around 3pm, where I gave everyone maps that I had created. There were 7 pubs, all with different games attached.
I'm wearing Cindy Ditsy from
A friend's long island and some random sandwiches?
The third pub, was an irish pub (Kelly's on King), so the rule was every sentence had to end in "fiddle dee dee". I walked up to the bar (i've had about 3drinks in total by this point) and looked at what was behind the bar, looked at the Smirnoff Ice in the fridge and tried to decide what I wanted... it came out like this...
"Hi ummmmmmmmm can I have aahhhhhh ummmm hmmm gggglas of white wine please fiddle de deee?"
Her response - "no, I think you have had enough for today" - it was 5:30pm.
I walked away from the bar to my group of friends and explained how I was no longer allowed to drink, one of my friends exclaimed, "hell i'm way more drunk then Sarah and I got served".
The cranky lady behind the bar realised Sarah was my name and then yelled out, "UMMM... actually no Sarah, you have to leave!"
What? it's one thing to refuse me service, but to make me leave too? COME ON!
She then even told my friends that they couldn't talk to me through the front windows. A few of my friends left with me and we told the others to meet us at the next pub after they finished their drinks.
There were many amazingly funny/abusive stories put out there to explain why this woman did not like me - who knows if any are true?! hahaha
A few of my friends and I went to the next bar and saw we had to show ID... uh oh we thought. Everything seems fine, until one of my friends is told she can't come in...
I know what you're thinking - a bunch of alcos
The bouncer said she can't come in, because "she looks too sober" - ahhh! RELIEF! A sense of humour! hardy ha ha... our smiling faces said it all lol.
One of the last places we went to was Jesters something, which was an awesome little place, with complimentary vodka popcorn, yep vodka popcorn.. awesome Sangria and cucumber tequila in skull shot glasses, which let me tell you is lethal!
We didn't make it to the last two pubs, we just decided to head home, have a piggy back race and chat... end of night elevator shot a must, of course.


  1. Wow cannot believe she asked you to leave!! haha..

    Love the last photo ;)

    1. hahaha it may be evidence of our state at the time lol

  2. Haha, asked to leave after 3 drinks! I've found a lot of the people that serve at Kelly's aren't very friendly though.

    Jesters is awesome! S and I go there all the time. It's usually pretty quiet which is nice becaus the other cocktail bars on King St get really packed.

  3. Haha Drunky! ;) That's annoying though. My boyfriend constantly gets turned away from places, especially if we're with another friend of ours, because they're both 6'4 and little bouncers just assume they'll cause trouble. It sucksss! Looks like you managed to kick on and have an awesome night regardless!