Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Weigh in and Weekend

I am on my way to work smiling and feeling like a million bucks today... It was a good weigh in this morning...

I lost one whole kilo this week!! So much for being in the 67's... I flew past them and went straight into the 66's!

Boooyahhh that's now a total of 3.4kgs down and 4.8%.

The other nights meatballs.. mmm

How did the other 12wbters go??

This past weekend was the second weekend in a row when I was sober (and by sober I mean just not being totally wasted or partying), it's amazing how much things I get done when I'm not hungover!! Lol It made me start to imagine all the things I could achieve if I wasn't a lover of booze......

On Friday night my girl Priscilla came over for fish, pilates and movies.

I wish I took a picture of the fish, but in true fashion I forgot so you have to trust me. At Woolworths now you can get your seafood marinated. Basically you pick your seafood or fish, then your sauce (I chose lime and chili) and then they put it in an oven bag for you. You follow the instructions on the bag, open it up when it's ready and have deliciously cooked fish!! And it's FREE!!! If you haven't tried it yet, I suggest you do!

After our Fish I told Priscilla I had a special dessert for her and I surprised her with this....

She was not expecting it and as you can tell from the photo she was super excited! I think one of the first things she said was "what if you hate me in a year?" lol. Not gonna happen.

She left the cake on her lap for about an hour after that, as we talked all things weddings.

On Saturday, I took Priscilla and one of my other BM's Alana to see my dream dress. Both girls loved it, Alana even got a bit emotional. Dress is confirmed, deposit is paid! :)

Saturday night I went out with some friends for Tapas in Bondi. Again no food pics, but it was delicious....

Devil eyes strike again!

But I did manage to take a couple of outfit pics for you...

ignore my face

Do you like my new Kookai faux fur vest? I loooveee it!

Thigh high boots.

and a selfie, where I look orange :)

Sunday was the best kind of day... A stay in your trackies close to the couch kind of day. I cleaned, I cooked, did washing and uploaded some pics of Dat Girl Clothing. I even squeezed in a glass of moscato - see what I mean about achievement levels when I'm not hungover? Haha.

This weekend we are having a weekend away with another couple, before A leaves for Melbourne on Monday. *sigh* I don't think it has sunk in that he is going to be gone yet... Give me a few nights in bed alone and I'll be whining!

What's your plans for this weekend?

Photo of Bobby my mum sent me.

My mum is working from home.. this is bobby's reaction lol.


  1. Aww, what a sweet cake! I'll bet she was thrilled.

    And well done on the weight loss! x

  2. loving that vest. I've been looking for a good one - might have to go investigate kookai

    1. Ohhhh I should have mentioned - it's 50% off!!!!

  3. I love the idea of asking via cake :-) so sweet (even in a literal sense haha)

    You turned up in my spam comments again today, you should really stop doing that :-P

    1. hehe I never thought of it that way :P Sorry mam, i'll behave lol.

  4. I'm getting married in 3 weeks and wish I would have found your blog earlier! So much fun :)

    1. omg!!! How exciting is that????!! I talk a lot of non wedding rubbish too :P xx

  5. Awww nice, nice nice!!! So happy on the weightloss front!!

    Sweetest cake too!!

    Still love the high boots, jealous of your long legs

    At least when A goes you'll still have your roomies to keep you company! :)

    1. exactly... i'm going to need them and i'm sure i'll drive them crazy in no time too lol x

  6. Love the vest! I'm going to go to Kookai and check it out at lunch!

    1. ahhh let me know if you get it... you can give me some ideas on how to rock it xx

  7. Congratulations on the weight loss