Tuesday, 24 July 2012


I had a realllly quiet Saturday!

After dropping my flatmate off at the airport (he went to see A - bromance or what?), I was home alone for the rest of the day and night. This led to a lot of cleaning, organising, chucking crap out, wearing tracky dacks, eating meat pies (3 on one weekend) and making furniture.

I started Saturday off with a super session workout, which made me feel like I was going to vom. I didn't eat much on the Friday or at all before I worked out, so I'm sure this didn't help. The wines on Friday night MAY have had something to do with it too..

I did...

 75 burpees
100 lunges on each leg
100 mountain climbers on each leg
100 box jumps
and about a 5k run.

After the airport drop off, I hit the shopping centre for much needed bits and pieces, grabbed a Chai latte (obsessed) and went into Sarah mission mode!

I chucked out a whole trolley worth of stuff just from our bedroom, I dusted until the dust was scared to come back, did all the laundry and made furniture for our new soon to be vamped up lounge room (post when it's done).

I felt really good when I finished everything and the room looked great. I realised I hadn't shown you our bedroom since we moved out... so here it is....

We bought this lil gem of a shoe holder from Homemart. It is currently empty, because we have to wall mount it, but how awesome is it?

Bedside lamps - one of our engagement presents from Mum

I haven't finished this off yet, but you get the idea

Another engagement present (TV) and A's star wars shrine haha

The picture above our bed - it's from a nightclub in Vegas. I made this canvas for A on our one year anniversary.

As part of my organising, I even put my new business cards in the holder my mum bought me for graduation.

It felt good to stay home for a weekend, organise my life and get sh$t done, but now I am ready to go play again :)

2 more sleeps until I see A!! wooo hoo!

Any must do things for Melbourne? anyone?


  1. Bedroom looks great! Love the classy black and white theme you have going :)

  2. Guess it depends on what you haven't done down here yet?

    1. i've only really shopped and eaten? haha

  3. Replies
    1. oooh sounds like a plan :) thanks boo xx

  4. Looks great. I love chai lattes too, so yummy! Sorry can't help with melb suggestions apart from eat, drink and be merry :)

  5. That is an impressive work out!!

    The shoe rack cupboard thing... I want! Such a good idea!!


  6. Nice. Maybe we can follow each other? http://lesisterette.blogspot.com/