Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Weigh in Wednesday

Okay.. so I wasn't going to do my weigh in every week like I did last round, but then I thought to myself if I blog it, I can't lie.

I actually weigh in on Tuesdays, because I am at my mum's house every Wed morning, but weigh in Tuesday doesn't have the same ring to it. haha

So here it is...

This week I gained 500grams. :(

I was expecting a gain, it is that time of the month and that NEVER goes well for me! (sorry if this is too much info) but usually on the first day I gain a MASSIVE 2kgs! In addition to that I have the added cravings to eat our entire cupboard and the chocolate aisle of Woolies- whyyy? why?! Like the PMS isn't enough we have to deal with gaining weight as well?!!

I am annoyed because I was on such a good run and I was picturing my skinny self, but i'm not going to let myself get down because of this.

I have a goal of loosing 3kgs at the 4week mark... that is next Tuesday, I can still do it!

So far this week I had a cardio session on Monday, pole dancing last night and i'll have pilates today at lunch time.

I have eaten well this week, with only a slight mishap of a slice of cake on Monday morning.

Already by writing about the cake I feel like I have made progress... is that weird? When I don't tell people that I missed a training session or ate badly then I feel like it didn't happen.. I can just forget about it completely.

I can't just keep riding the waves anymore, I need to go back to old Sarah... after all it was on my 2012 to do list- hehe

Tomorrow I have lunch with a friend and on Sunday I have a christening, these will be my biggest challenges food wise this week, but I think I can make the right choices.

Roast Beef sandwhich made by A yesterday

Here is my plan for the next few days exercise wise:

Wednesday - pilates and practice pole dancing at night

Thursday - 12WBT weight training IN THE MORNING

Friday - cardio (because I do pilates on Wednesdays at work, I swap the exercises around)

Saturday - super session

Sunday- my friend Alessia is coming over to practice our pole routine

I really need to change the batteries in my heart rate monitor too, because I feel like i'm dying but the gym machines never seem to recognise that.

How are the other 12WBTers going?


  1. 500g is not too bad! Considering time of the month and all that. As long as you're exercising and generally eating healthy then I'm sure you're on track!

    The little drawing on your lunch is so cute! Haha

    1. Thanks Cat, I am trying to look at it with a good attitude and just continue working hard! xx

  2. It sounds like I feel the exact same way you to when its that time, and i also have the weight gain. Sucks soo much. Do you know if your wedding day will def not fall on that time of the month? Mine did, but thank goodness for the pill I just skipped it, and had none of those issues (weight gain and annoying cravings).

    A is soo cute writing your name and that little picutre of a girl hehehe and sweet for making you a sandwich =]

    1. OMG Veronica that is such a good point!! In all these timelines, forums and magazines that tell you how to prepare for your wedding NONE of them mention that!! I will have to take care of it ;) hahaha

  3. Haha my husband's writing and drawing skills look identical to A's! Love it!

  4. Please tell me how you managed to get A to cook for you!? haha!

    1. cook? hun it was a sandwhich!!! lol. I was out and if he didn't make it, he wouldn't of had lunch either :)

  5. I have been reading and thinking about doing "Lean and Clean" . I did this for one week last week without excercise and I noticed a difference.

    I think I am going to buy the books and have a read because I have been reading reviews and people have said its worked wonders for them by cutting out the C.R.A.P - that’s caffeine, refined sugar, alcohol and processed foods.

    I shall see how I go!?

    1. Good luck Soph. I know the 12WBT is the only thing that has worked for me in a noticeable way, that's why I have to make myself stick to it lol

  6. You're doing so well!! Don't let the weigh today get you down :) You'll loose the weight, you're being a machine with the exercise :)

    haha Damn, jealous that A made you lunch! So unfair!


    1. Thanks sweety... I want to be as tiny as you were on your wedding day!

  7. Keep up the hard work!!
    I was surprised that I lost 400g, considering last week I had 2 night shifts & was fairly naughty in terms of food intake & didn't do all the exercise but have been making more effort again this week :)

    1. Yeahhh I think we have to keep pushing ourselves to see the results. Congrats on the loss, that is awesome!

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